Abused Pit Bull Puppy Was On The Brink Of Death. Today, She Does The UNTHINKABLE. WOW!

When Xena the pitbull arrived at an animal shelter in Georgia in September 2012, she weighed four pounds and was close to death. The pup, whom doctors believe must have been locked up somewhere with no food or water at all, was given a one-percent chance of survival.

This little pitbull was a survivor though — perhaps knowing she had much bigger work ahead of her. After she was nursed back to health, one local woman found Xena’s story irresistible. Linda Hickey thought maybe the pup would be a good companion for her son, who was diagnosed with autism. Well, within minutes of her son meeting the pooch, they instantly bonded. After adopting the dog, Hickey’s son son, who had been shy and reserved, opened up. It seems his furry friend is bringing out the best in him, and now they’re inseparable. How sweet!

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