A cream-colored Bear cub spo.tted playing with its black Bear mother!

Love has no color it’s unconditional.

That is so rare to have a white cub. So beautiful. The cub is precious!!!

A remarkable 5-month-old black bear cub with cream-colored fur has been spotted in British Columbia with its commonly colored mother.

The rare sight was seen and photographed by Arthur De Jong, who is an environmental planning manager.
The cub was spotted playing with its mother on the Whistler-Blackcomb mountain and has scientists amazing.

They believe it is either an alb.ino bear or a spirit bear. Both of these outcomes relate to a genetic mutation affecting their pigmentation.
Is that an albino? It’s beautiful no matter what, and mamma bear loves it.

Love it when God and nature…gives us to admire…love and coexist this .

So amazing beautiful cub Mama Bear must be delighted with her new offspring stay healthy and well

Motherly Love we pray she watches out for it and protects it from predictors.

Absolutely gorgeous but so afr.aid it will have a diff.icult life

Love between mother and child is precious!

Watch the lovely moment here: