50 Adorable Baby Animals To Make Your Day

No matter the grey hair, for our parents, we will always be babies. Hence, all the unasked advice on changing jobs, traveling abroad, getting a loan, you know it. But this time, we won’t be talking about humans as we shift onto the animal kingdom to see what animal babies are like.

The obvious thing is how impawsibly cute they are. But other than that, for those who skipped biology (myself included), animal babies are somewhat of an unknown terrain. Do baby hedgehogs even have spikes? Do newborn gorillas resemble human beings? Baby sloths, are they just as cute and slow as adult sloths?

So Readingaro has prepared for you quite a collection of pictures that should answer all these questions. Be prepared to make your heart melt, and don’t forget to upvote your favorite baby animals! Psst! More pictures of rare animal babies you probably have never seen can be found right here.


#1 A Baby Fox Showed Up To Say Hi At My Grandmother’s House

#2 Suddenly, A Tiny Baby Skunk

#3 Dobby And Draco Are Being Released Tomorrow

The primary way that animals grow and develop is by building more cells. When an animal eats food, its body breaks the food down and uses it to fuel its energy requirements and build new cells through the process of mitosis. These new, or daughter, cells are often similar in size to the old, or parent, cells.

In order to produce more cells, animal cells divide in two. The process is a complex one since the parent cell has to produce new organelles for each resulting daughter cell. It then has to copy the genetic code as accurately as possible and transfer both copies of the genetic code into the nuclei of the daughter cells. In science, it’s called mitosis.

#4 A Bowl Of Baby Otters

#5 There Are Not Enough Baby Hippos

#6 Newborn Gorilla Reacts To Cold Stethoscope

However, mitosis requires a lot of energy that comes from food, along with the raw materials for constructing more cells. The food that animals eat is then transformed into usable energy for cells or can be used to build new cells, which form tissues like skin and muscle. The process of growth involves eating food, breaking down food through digestion, absorbing nutrients from food, and building tissue.

#7 Adorable Baby Elephant

#8 Cute Baby Sloth

#9 Cody Looks Like A Giant Teddy Bear

The rate of growth of an organism has a direct impact on its ability to adapt to the environment. For instance, an increase in the rate of growth of fleshy parts of the fish fin would provide an opportunity for the fish to adapt more easily to terrestrial locomotory life than could a fish without this modified fin. Scientists believe that hence, it may play a role in evolution.

#10 The Cutest Baby Meerkat You’ll Ever See

#11 I’ve Never Seen A Baby Squirrel. I Am Not Disappointed

#12 This Baby Penguin Looks Like An Angry Kiwi Fruit

#13 This Cute Goat Baby

#14 This Baby Deer

#15 One-Day-Old Puppies Tucked In Safe With Mama – So Beautiful

#16 Billy The Endangered Baby Blue Pingu

#17 Bet You’ve Never Seen A Newborn Bunny

#18 I Never Really Considered The Fact That Crows Were Once Babies

#19 A Wolf Pup Playing Is The Cutest Thing I’ve Seen All Day

#20 In Case You’re Having A Bad Day, Here’s A Baby Okapi

#21 Adorable Baby Crab

#22 This Baby Pangolin Wants To Talk To You About Something Important

#23 A Baby Hippo

#24 Newborn Baby Gorilla And Mother, Sydney

#25 Smiling Newborn Lamb

#26 This Baby Dolphin Getting A Lift On His Mother’s Back

#27 A Newborn Screech Owl

#28 A Baby Warthog

#29 Kangaroo Joey

#30 Baby Raccoon Taking A Nap

#31 Cutest Duckling Ever

#32 Lil Mav At Work With Me

#33 The Adorableness Of Baby Meerkats

#34 Newborn Puppy Fits In The Palm Of My Hand

#35 Baby Bat-Eared Fox

#36 I’m Not A Bowling Ball, I’m An Otter-Ball

#37 Ok Where Do I Get One Of These?

#38 A Cute Baby Jacana With Its Massive Legs

#39 Newborn Giraffe Smiling

#40 One Of Australia Zoo’s Newest Explorers Popped His Head Out Of The Pouch This Week

#41 Baby Fox

#42 This Mother Squirrel Checking On The Newborn

#43 Baby Axolotl

#44 Baby Tapir

#45 This Is How A Newborn Corgi Paw Looks Like

#46 Two Tiny Newborn Feathertail Gliders

#47 If You’ve Never Seen Baby Hedgehogs, I’m Just Going To Leave This Right Here For You

#48 Adorable Baby Sugarglider

#49 Baby Tree Kangaroo

#50 A 2 Week Old Lemming In A Spoon



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