5 Most Mysterious Photos From Mars

In the video below is a collection of what videographer Dark5 considers the most mysterious photos captured on Mars, from what appears to be artificial lights shining up from underground to the Mars monolith with a compilation of images that should be impossible of seemingly humanoid figures to animals and even signs of an ancient civilization with technology far more advanced that we are today on Earth.
For enjoyment, perhaps to peak the curiosity and spark interest to research more about a planet that many find ultimately fascinating.

Explanations are provided in text within the video for each of these images.



  1. Helen May says:

    So fragile tbe natural world yet so exquisite. Thank you for your patience bravery timing and passion. What an amaxing little creature, a petite owl

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Ronda says:

    Do you have a brochure with these hikes?

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