5 Amazing Food Hacks Everyone MUST Know…All Of Them Are Such Life-Savers!

Our beloved Russian Hacker is back! This time he brings to us five awesome food hacks that will make peeling, cutting and eating fruits a lot easier for you! So what are you waiting for, watch this video to learn some really cool food hacks!

Who doesn’t love watermelons? The red, juicy and sweet fruit is a summer delight—but it’s no delight to chop up one! The Russian Hacker shows you the best way to do it! Another messy summer fruit is the mango, but our guy has a method for this fruit too! Do you love the sweet and tangy taste of the kiwi fruit, but its hairy peel turns you off?

No one is going to debate with us when we say that the pineapple is the most difficult fruit to peel. Not anymore! Why do you need to worry when the Russian Hacker is here to guide you!



  1. Kim says:

    Why are they depicted as lacking melanin?