30 Of The Best Nature Photos From The Tokyo International Foto Awards

Looking back on the professional and non-professional / student winners of the Tokyo International Foto Awards, we stand amazed at the talent and effort the photographers invested in each shot. The result? Truly breathtaking images from every corner of the globe!

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#1 Devotion


A pack of Greenland dogs, ready to take their journey into the wild. Ilulissat, Greenland.

#2 Summer Fairies

Summer Fairies

Have you ever been to a fairytale? Now’s the time! A forest filled with magic and fairies, the artist captured an indigenous Japanese firefly species flittering among the trees at night.

#3 Beauty Looking Back

Beauty Looking Back

Waiting a while for the swans to come to the location on this lake, the photographer captured this photo in the perfect moment when the swan turned back, making the image all the more majestic.

#4 Fireworks


Mini fireworks exploding at sunset on a field, the flower’s name is Paepalanthus wildflower.


#5 The Horses Of Neptune

The Horses Of Neptune

One day Neptune, God of the Sea, was traveling his domain in his chariot drawn by nine white horses, when, passing in front of the mouth of the Rhone, he met a farmer who was having trouble with a black bull: “Here is my best horse; if you know how to make him a friend, he will be an irreplaceable ally against the black bull. But remember, he comes from the immensity of the sea and he was led by a god: it will be necessary, when he wants, to let him free to come and deeply breathe his marine and divine origins. ” This is the legend about the Camargue Horses.

Davide Giannetti is an Italian outdoor photographer. In his research for the perfect shot, he is devoted to highlighting the importance of the undertaken path, trying to communicate the authentic sense of the journey and the fascinating relationship between humans and nature through his photographs.

#6 Spanish Beauty

Spanish Beauty

I made this photo with one studio light in a dressage arena. With such a beautiful white Spanish stallion. So elegant and sweet.

#7 A Sheep

A Sheep

Attention, this is a fluff piece! But really, although this looks like a softener commercial from all the soft fluffiness, in reality, it is an ad for Tuscan Organic Tours.

#8 Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Record spring, cherry blossoms blooming in the mist, dreamy and charming.

#9 Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

This is my dog named KAB. He is a 15-year-old healthy dog. I tried to capture the beauty of a senior dog.

#10 Childhood Days

Childhood Days

Due to Covid, the world has come to a standstill, but not the emotions of nature. I remembered my childhood while capturing these beautiful chicks. I would just sit there the whole day watching them & capture those priceless moments as they unfold. It all started with a shy look & peek through mom’s feathers. They spend all their time around mom & sleep under the belly of mom, cuddled by the warmth of mother’s love. Tender moments while learning the art of preening, exciting fun in the water with siblings, vital lessons on food & shivering in strain. Childhood is awesome with mom around us to take care.

#11 Silent Hills

Silent Hills

Looking at this photo, you feel the silence and calm emitting from the snow-covered hills and cotton-candy-colored sky in the middle of Switzerland.

#12 Little Red Hunter

Little Red Hunter

Hunting, or playing? One could almost not tell.

#13 The Starlit Grand Tetons

The Starlit Grand Tetons

A scene worthy of having our jaws drop: the picture-perfect tall mountains of the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming, USA. This image was taken during the Perseids meteor shower, with a single meteor streaking down the sky, flashing in colors mimicking those of the Milky Way’s core.

#14 Camera Shy

Camera Shy

Finn was a bit camera shy during his session so we compromised.

Belinda Richards is an internationally award-winning pet photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She is also the founder of Frog Dog Studios dedicated to capturing the human-like expressions from her client’s pets.

#15 Live


Midwinter, the volcano Aso – a lone horse standing, sunbathing to gain some warmth.

#16 Red Lenticular Cloud

Red Lenticular Cloud

A superb view that appeared between day and night.

#17 The Blue Desert

The Blue Desert

An intime vision of a black sand desert in the Highlands.

#18 The Blue Viper Strikes

The Blue Viper Strikes

Better than an action movie, nature’s predatory side captured in a moment where the venomous Blue Viper catches its prey in Bali, Indonesia.

#19 Swamps’ Colors

Swamps' Colors

Incredible colors of the swamps in the late autumn. Kayaking at night is an unreal experience and these wonderful trees are unique.

#20 Great White

Great White

Terrifying and stunning, the Great White opens its jaws to catch its prey at Guadalupe Island. The artist’s lifelong dream was to take an image like this and to raise awareness that we have to think of how our consumerist behaviors are damaging the oceans – how could we improve?

#21 Bliss


Pure bliss, this expression says it all: relaxed, happy, and content. Purdy Lo is a pet photographer, brightening her days with funny photos of people’s pets.

#22 Fall


This is a picture of Shiramizu Falls in Shirakawa Village, Gifu Prefecture, taken in 2018.

#23 Roaring Storm

Roaring Storm

An image of a storm cell moving towards the Island in the Florida Keys I am a landscape photographer, originally from the Republic of Moldova. After my graduation in psychology, I started working in the human resource department for a financial company. At that moment, I started to take pictures inspired by the beauty that the surrounding nature could offer to us; that activity was a great escape from my daily routine. When I came to Key West, my photography journey became more fascinating, as I was surrounded by the ocean, and water became mostly present in my photography as the subject, often combined with elements of human activity.

#24 Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins

I was literally lying flat on the ground while I was shooting this image. Why I did this is because when we go lower than their height, they feel less scared being around us and for the same reason, this particular Emperor family spent a good amount of time beside me and I was lucky enough to capture some beautiful shots. On this particular trip I had walked an average of 8 hours per day in search of a perfect frame. My name is Thomas Vijayan, I am basically an architect hailing from Kerala, India, also known as God’s Own Country. I was raised in Bangalore and have now settled in Canada with my family. I have traveled all the seven continents for photography, which is my passion but not my profession. The big cats have always been my favorite subject for photography. To me there is nothing called “perfection” in any photography; every click to me is an experience, the more I click, the more I learn something new. I give more importance to quality than clicking pictures in quantity.

#25 Peaceful


Sea lions from La Paz, Mexico.

#26 Darkwater


A series of images exploring the beauty of water.

My images are memories of the times I saw beautiful things.

#27 Autumn In The Alaska’s Arctic Circle

Autumn In The Alaska's Arctic Circle

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve in Alaska is the most remote national park in the U.S, with no roads. It remains virtually unchanged except by the forces of nature. These images are part of my journey into the Arctic Circle, exploring this majestic and pristine American National Park — one that will soon be opened up for industrial mining. This is a last glimpse of the endangered landscape.

#28 Underwater Gannets

Underwater Gannets

A trip to Shetland and the opportunity to go underwater and capture a scene full of action: two gannets catching their prey together in a team effort.

#29 Misty Bromo

Misty Bromo

Mt. Bromo, East Java – Indonesia

#30 Desert Portraits

Desert Portraits

I’ve been photographing the deserts of the UAE for over 5 years and in this time many of the locations I’ve visited have radically changed. Many of the trees and shrubs that once stood have their roots exposed to the sun or are buried by the ever-changing windswept desert landscape. Unbearable summer heat mixed with almost freezing evening temperatures in the winter months, the consistent sandblasting strips the bark off the majority of young trees. These ‘desert portraits’ offer a glimpse in time of plant species fighting for survival in one of the world’s harshest environments. Anthony incorporates a minimalistic approach within his photography and this simplicity shifts our perspective so the imagery is less about actual place and more about emotional state. In his photographs he uses negative space and an ethereal aesthetic to provide the viewer with a sense of serenity and calm, sharing the emotions of the moments he captures. His post-production style offers pastel expressionism to further sooth the soul, offering the viewer the opportunity of escape into the purest essence of solitude.



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