30 Magical Photos I Captured Of The Netherlands In The Spring

As a full-time landscape photographer, I normally travel the world a lot. But obviously, because of COVID-19, last year I was mainly at home in the Netherlands. We’re currently in spring again and more than 1 year has passed. But spring is a magical season, especially here in the Netherlands. There is so much beauty to see (and to photograph): our tulip season, the lush greens everywhere, the cute animals, the windmills, and our beautiful forests, some covered with many flowers.

This collection of many images will hopefully transfer that spring feeling from me to you.

Please note that most of these images were taken in (very) early morning with great conditions. As a professional photographer, I love these conditions and will wake up for them every single time. Because yes, it’s the Netherlands. We’re not known for our ‘beautiful’ weather. Because you’ll also often have grey days with much rain. But when you’re out there in the early morning and the first sunlight shows itself with a layer of fog covering the landscape, you forget all the previous rainy days.

Please enjoy this series of spring photos taken over 2 seasons of spring (2020-2021) in the Netherlands.

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#1 Horse Kiss

Horse Kiss

Spring is the time when you will see all the animals playing outside, especially on early mornings. Horses, cows, sheep, and many birds with their little chicks. The sounds of them in the early morning when they are the first to wake up always put a smile on my face.

#2 Blue Carpet

Blue Carpet

#3 Garlic Road

Garlic Road

Some forests have completely white floors full of white garlic. And yes, it really does smell like garlic. But I like it.

#4 Split


You’ll find lots of tulip fields around the country in April–May. They’re always beautiful to see (and to smell).

#5 Being Small

Being Small

A goose spreading its wings on an extremely foggy and magical morning in the North East of the country.

#6 Blossom


In spring, all our trees and forests start to explode with colors. Lush green forests, blossoming trees, rapeseed, wild garlic, or even forests full of wild hyacinths. It’s really worth it to get up early and spend a morning in the fresh air of the forest and soak up all the smells and wait for the first sunlight.

#7 Light Explosion

Light Explosion

#8 Pink Forest

Pink Forest

Some of our forests have many rhododendron flowers. They start to bloom at the end of May. When they’re at their peak, the color is beautiful and they smell extremely nice.

#9 The Cheese Factory

The Cheese Factory

And last but not least, one of my favorite places in the Netherlands: the famous house & cheese factory at the ‘Zaanse Schans’ windmill park. It looks at its best during spring, with the beautiful greens and sometimes even a (rare) flower!

#10 Green Path

Green Path

In spring, forests and tree lanes turn to lush green. And when the first sun rays hit through, it’s simply magical.

#11 Schermer Mills

Schermer Mills

#12 Outsider


‘Different’ tulips will later be removed by the tulip growers. But I find them the most beautiful to photograph.

#13 Poppy


Right after the bloom of the tulips, you’ll find many poppies in the Dutch countryside. This one was photographed right after sunset. You can see the (out of focus) sun in the background.

#14 Swan Dream

Swan Dream

A swan spreading its wings on a dreamy morning.

#15 The Different One

The Different One

Sometimes you’ll find interesting flowers in between the tulip fields, like this checkered lily, which is very rare.

#16 An Early Rise

An Early Rise

#17 Dutch Fairytale

Dutch Fairytale

#18 Full Moon

Full Moon

The full moon above a red tulip field.

#19 Morning Play

Morning Play

Young horses running and jumping with the first light of the day in the Betuwe area of the Netherlands.

#20 Delicate Greens

Delicate Greens

#21 Foggy Blossoms

Foggy Blossoms

You’ll see all kinds of different blossoming trees in spring.

#22 Hans & Gretel

Hans & Gretel

#23 Bluebell Forest

Bluebell Forest

There are even some tiny forests full of wild hyacinth flowers.

#24 Fairy Mill

Fairy Mill

Do windmills look different in spring? Maybe not, but their surroundings in spring make them come to life. When they’re surrounded by spring flowers, green grass, and beautiful morning fog, they’re at their best.

#25 Thunder Tulips

Thunder Tulips

A spectacular thunderstorm above a red tulip field. I had always wanted to take a shot like this and this year (2021) I finally succeeded.

#26 Cow Family

Cow Family

Cows looking at me during an early spring sunrise with the landscape covered in fog. Notice how the cows have a similar pattern. They’re the same family!

#27 Rhododendron Dream

Rhododendron Dream

The early sunlight combined with the greens and bright red and pink colors make it look like a fairytale.

#28 Macro Bell

Macro Bell

#29 Dutch Jungle

Dutch Jungle

Some forest parts look like a jungle with all the greens. An interesting combination with the wild garlic forest floor.

#30 The Old Ones

The Old Ones



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