24 Photos Of Unreal Nordic Fairy Tale That I Took During My Trip To Iceland

Everyone either was there already or wants to go to Iceland sometime in the future. I was one of the latter people only a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been into nature photography for years so I know how far pictures might be from reality, so I was very careful not to get overexcited. I thought I might finally see the Aurora Borealis even if it was the end of April. The chance was slim, but it was possible. I was hoping for decent weather even though I knew the extreme weather there is rather unpredictable, especially this time of the year. So how it was?

For me, it was everything I was promised while reading about Iceland and its beautiful nature. I’ve seen Northern Lights, and I experienced all types of weather in just a couple of days. The temperature was changing every day, and I experienced between -5 to 10 degrees Celsius. I’ve seen the cloudless sky, snow, hailstones, strong winds and all types of rain one can only imagine and yes Iceland is that amazing! Check the amazing nature images for yourself below!

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"panta Rei" - Vol.1 - Skogafoss


"stardust" - Aurora Borealis



"the Kingdom Of Ice" - Jokulsarlon - Vol.1


"panta Rei" - Vol.2 - Gatklettur


"panta Rei" - Vol.6 - Skogafoss



"panta Rei" - Vol.3 - Godafoss





"supernova" - Aurora Borealis


"panta Rei" - Vol.4 - Godafoss


"house With The View"



“the Elements” – Kirkjufell - Vol.3



"my Way Or A Highway"


"another World" - Hverir - Vol.3


"icelandic Mustangs" - Vol.2


"somewhere Over The Rainbow" - Seljalandsfoss


"icelandic Mustangs" - Vol.1


"another World" - Hverir - Vol.2


"the Kingdom Of Ice" - Jokulsarlon - Vol.2


"panta Rei" - Vol.5 - Gullfoss



"another World" - Hverir - Vol.1


“the Elements” – Kirkjufell - Vol.1


“the Elements” – Kirkjufell - Vol.2


“the Elements” – Kirkjufell - Vol.4


"peaceful Retirement" - Dc3 Wreck