13 Of The Most Beautiful Abandoned Castles I Discovered During My Travels Around The World

I’m a French artist, and my name is Dimitri Bourriau “Jahz Design”. I’m a graduated graphic designer. I have always been interested in history and architectural remains. It was in 2013 when I developed my interest in the photography of heritage in disuse. My first exploration was an ancient cemetery of military ships. Today I travel the globe looking for places in decline. Today, I captured the most beautiful abandoned castles in the world.

#1 France

#2 Italy

#3 France

#4 France

#5 France

#6 Belgium

#7 France

#8 Portugal


#9 Belgium

#10 Italy

#11 France

#12 France

#13 Italy



  1. Sandra says:


  2. Marie Butler says:

    Thank you for the beauty

  3. Priscilla Klockzien says:

    Awesome, where did you fly or drive to( city). . We are in wi.

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