We Asked Photographers From All Around The World To Show Their Best Landscape Pictures, And Here Are The Best 20 Entries

Warning: These photos will make you want to pack a bag and go on an adventure!

The #Landscape2019 competition was launched on October 25th by free-to-use photography app Agora, the digital channel where people create, vote and curate the best images made worldwide.

Over the past month, more than 25,138 photos have been submitted to the competition but only 50 made it to the finals! The voting phase is now open to decide who will be the #Landscape2019 hero who will win a prize of $1,000. Winner will be announced on Thursday 19th December 2019.

From Namibia’s majestic dunes to Iceland’s breathtaking volcanic eruptions, dive in the best #Landscapes2019 photos below and don’t forget to upvote your favorite!

#1 Cabin View
German couple @kveikjan took this shot of the Arnisee Lake during a road trip through Switzerland: “We wanted to pass on exactly the emotions we had that day: the silence around us, the colors in the sky and the view of the mountains made us calm. We felt so close to heaven and nature. One gets drawn into the landscape through the picture and has a feeling of being there.” By @kveikjan (Germany)

#2 In The Thunderstorm
Hon Yen island is famous for the unspoiled beauty of its beaches, as well as the scenic views of its coral reefs. Vietnamese photographer @dean_nguyen believes that photography is one of the most powerful tools for marine conservation. By @dean_nguyen (Vietnam)

#3 The Dune
This awe-inspiring photo was shot with a super tele lens in Sossusvlei, Namibia. @anskar is still amazed by the composition of his shot: “The massive dune with the tiny tree as scale made me realize how small we are, and how vast/great our landscapes can be.” By @anskar (Germany)

#4 Best Seats In The House, Like In The Middle Of The Storm
Russian photographer based in Shanghai @panvelvetora caught this spectacular sunset over Fenghuang, one of China’s most famous old towns. By @panvelvetora (Russia)

#5 First Snow On The Castle
Germany’s fairytale castle Neuschwanstein, nestled in the Bavarian Alps, is known as the famous palace that inspired Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Photographer @dreher.mj said: “I wanted to transmit a mystical mood with the castle. The cloudy and dark day paired with the last snow of this year creates a kind of a magical mood where the castle is suddenly appearing out of the fog. I actually had some free time this day and wanted to take some drone shots of the castle but the front gate was still under construction. So I went to the other side where I found the trees framing the castle.” By @dreher.mj (Germany)

#6 The Ascent
In this shot taken at the Pulpit Rock, Preikestolen (Norway), London-based photographer @joncleave realised how insignificant we all are in this world, as the fjords towered around him side to side: “After a 9.5 hour drive from Oslo, we began the ascent – underestimating how ambitious our Easter weekend trip was, as we hiked right up to the top as soon as we got out of the car. Was it all worth it!? Every second! The four-day intense weekend consisted of two mates pushing one another to the limits in what we could achieve in the time we had – this single shot captures one of many epic moments that these nordic landscapes have to offer. Landscapes are what I focus my photography on the most. It inspires viewers to get out of the house and explore something that’s even potentially close to their own doorstep.” By @joncleave (UK)

#7 Morning Arrival
#Water2019 hero @leemumford8 struck again with a beautiful snapshot of the sunrise over the iconic 9 arch bridge in Sri Lanka: “Taking a train throughout this breathtaking country is a must. In order for me to take this shot, I ventured out for 3 sunrises in a row to capture some magic low. Eventually, I caught the shot that I had in mind. Sri Lanka has one of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve ever seen. When this competition opened, it’s an image I knew I had to use to participate.” By @leemumford8 (Hong Kong)

#8 A Path Through The Red Sea
Roman photographer @angiolomanetti joined the competition with an outstanding aerial shot of Salin de Giraud near the city of Arles, southern France. The fascinating shades of pink and red are due to the presence of microscopic algae (Dunaliella Salina), rich in beta carotene and antioxidant activity: “I would say that it is a fascinating landscape that, thanks to a different point of view, expresses all its beauty. That red streak immediately reminded me of a vein, as if the planet laid bare its vital lymph”. By @angiolomanetti (Italy)

#9 Tuyen Lam Lake
Vietnamese photographer @anhtrungqng describes this enchanting shot of the Tuyen Lam Lake: “This is the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat, a place that tourists often visit. The ferryman carries passengers from the ferry terminal to the eco-tourism area, located further in the lake. In the early morning, the lake is often foggy, creating a shimmering and mysterious setting.” If @anhtrungqng were to win the contest, he’d donate a part of his prize to the ferryman and would use the rest to take his family to a delicious meal. By @anhtrungqng (Vietnam)

#10 An Oasis In The Utah Desert
These evaporations ponds spotted by @joelfriend in the middle of the Utah desert are only the most visible tip of a long and elaborate mining operation for potash, or salts that contain potassium used for fertilizer. By @joelfriend (UK)

#11 Bagan’s Golden Hour
Burmese photographer @naingtunwinbagan managed to snap Bagan’s magical view from the top of his local pagoda on a sunny winter morning. By @naingtunwinbagan (Myanmar)

#12 Morning Reflection Of The Red Sky, With The Amazing Pattern Of Terrace Rice Fields In North Bengkulu
@rahmadhimawan captured this dramatic shot of rice fields and mountains in Kemumu, Indonesia: “The sky was really burning with red from the top east above the mountains, and the sun rose to the northwest: I wanted to transmit the beauty of the morning and the tranquility of the rural areas.” By @rahmadhimawan (Indonesia)

#13 Cosmic Clouds
Melbourne-based photographer @donaldhyip entered the competition with an eerie shot of Mt Bromo, an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. The small light trails we can see in the distant mountain are hikers making their way up for sunrise. “I wanted to convey the same sense of awe I experienced when I first saw this view. This was my 4th attempt at this location – I arrived extra early by hiking and was incredibly lucky with the conditions. This image represents one of the most unique and epic landscapes I’ve ever seen – combined with the rolling cloud, mist and light trails, it is my own take on it.” By @donaldhyip (Australia)

#14 Autumn In The Dolomites
British photographer @tom.bridges stitched 3 drone shots together to frame the ‘Lago di Braies’ around the autumn trees and encapsulate the whole environment: “For me, there’s something about getting out in nature before the sunrises and taking on the challenge of capturing something new. Lago Di Braies allows for so many different compositions: I love the way the stream acts as a leading line and takes you up through the photo into the reflections and onto the peaks. This landscape captures what it means to be outside and explore. The towering peaks and mirror lake make a perfect place to photograph. I’d spent the last 6 days on the road, traveling the Dolomites. So dispute the freezing temperatures I had a quick dip in the lake to freshen up!” By @tom.bridges (UK)

#15 Visiting Iceland
Argentinian photographer @franciscopaez experienced one of the most incredible natural phenomenon – the Northern Lights in Iceland: “With this photo, I wanted to transmit how big and beautiful our world can be. We are just small grains in a big place. The best landscape photos should always include people to contrast the immensity of the view with a human being.” By @franciscopaez (Argentina)

#17 Don’t Look Down!
It’s when confronted with the immensity of nature that we can realize how little we are. Russian photographer @borsch took a sublime aerial shot of his girlfriend sitting on the edge of this massive cliff in the north of Norway, back in July 2019. By @borsch (Russia)

#18 Orange Bled
@saavedraphotography remembers the moment when he took this splendid panorama of the Bled Lake in Slovenia: “It was a cold autumn morning in Slovenia when the sun came timidly behind the mountain, lighting up a part of the island of the lake. I took advantage of the moment to make a panorama and create a special memory of this magical place.” By @saavedraphotography (Spain)

#19 Silence
This winter wonderland shot was taken by German photographer @wunderbuilder in Bad Brambach, a village next to the Czech-german border: “It was a very cold morning (minus 18 degrees cold), only a few days during the year it gets foggy and mystical like this.” By @wunderbilder (Germany)

#20 Eiffel Tower
14-year-old photographer @furstset found the perfect height to snap one of the most photographed tourist sites in the world. By @furstset (Germany)

#21 Horseshoe Bend, USA
Norwegian photographer @zwemarntun relates how he snapped such a scenic photo of the horseshoe-shaped section of the Colorado River: “My brother and I drove from San Diego to Page, and arrived at Page before sunset. We went out to shoot for sunset at Horseshoe Bend but unfortunately it was a very cloudy on that day. Many photographers have left around us while my brother and I were still waiting. Then the magical happened, suddenly. The sky was on fire and I got this shot. Don’t give up, because the magic can happen anytime!” By @zwemarntun (Norway)

#22 Play Of Nature
Lahore-based photographer @aliawais submitted a majestic shot of the Mahodand Lake in Kalam, taken during a road-trip with his wife: “When I got closer to the lake, I saw some horses grazing in a peaceful side with the lake in the background. I ran towards them as soon as got out of the car. I was lucky enough to find the perfect light that highlighted the primary as well as the secondary subject.” By @aliawais (Pakistan)



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