This tiny home is only 323 sq ft and has a greenhouse – and the inside doesn’t disappointment

In a world where we constantly chase happiness and fill our houses with stuff we barely ever use, it’s easy to dream of a simpler life in a place where we feel relaxed and stress-free.

Perhaps this was what Olive Nest Tiny Homes had in mind when they built this mini masterpiece, which they call Elsa.

Of all the tiny homes I’ve seen in recent years, this one has gotten me the most excited.

First of all, you can put it basically wherever you want — the house is a trailer and it’s mobile. Plus, it has a greenhouse attached to it. How cool is that?

But the inside makes the biggest impression, as you’ll see below. Keep in mind that it’s only 323 square feet (30 square meters)!

This cottage is called Elsa and it was built by Olive Nest in South Carolina. The living space is 323 square feet (30 square meters), but the inside contains more than you can imagine!

The outside has an attractive cabin-like exterior, with a separate towable greenhouse on the side.

But let’s step inside!

Not bad, right? Elsa combines the modern and rustic in a perfect way.

The living room has a full-sized pullout sofa bed.

And there’s also a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and loft.

The kitchen has beautiful countertops, a full-sized stove, a fridge, and a stainless steel sink with a modern faucet.

The bathroom also has a lot of style.

As you can see, the space is put to great use — there’s plenty of storage space under the stairs.

The lighting system and LED lamps warm up dark, chilly autumn evenings.

There are also several large windows that let in a lot of light during the daytime. Lovely!

The sleeping loft is one of my favorite parts of this house. Imagine waking up here!

I could really get cozy here!

But best of all… there’s a greenhouse connected to the cottage!

How nice!

In addition, there’s a swing on the porch where you can spend hours and hours relaxing.

Imagine reading a lovely book here or maybe just enjoying the view with a mug of hot chocolate?

At present, this house is on the market for $81,000. Get a tour here:

Would you like to move in here with someone special? Or do you know someone who would love to live here? Feel free to share this cozy little house with your friends on Facebook!



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