This Couple Built A 450-Sq-Ft Storybook Cottage. When I Saw The Inside, I Squealed!

Ron and Sue of Millersburg, OH live in one of the cutest houses I have ever seen — and they built it all by hand!

Self-described as “old, idealistic dreamers, fresh out of youth,” this quirky couple hopes to change the world with their colorful little cottage. And judging by their adorable pictures, I think they’re well on their way.

In their 29 years of marriage, the biggest house Ron and Sue called “home” measured 900 square feet — and they hope to share their decades of “small living experiences” to help families reconsider their idea of standard living.

They’re certainly not alone in this endeavor; the Tiny House Movement is gaining speed all around the world with each little house more unique and captivating than the last.

If you love bright colors, retro kitsch, and cozy charm, this “Shiny Tiny Mansion” is the little house for you. This tiny house, nestled at the top of a grassy hill, is big in creativity and huge in heart.

Ron and Sue began to build their tiny home in 2001, all by hand. Six years later, their charming, money-saving, earth-friendly home was complete!

This creative couple call their lifestyle a “movement towards rational habitation.” They hope to inspire conversations about tiny, alternative living.

Tiny houses first attracted attention during the housing crisis caused by Hurricane Katrina. “Katrina Cottages,” 308-square-foot shelters that resembled traditional homes, were much preferred alternatives to the FEMA-issued trailers.

Later, following the financial crisis of 2007, families began to rethink traditional housing. Was there a more affordable, ecologically friendly way to live?

Despite a decrease in the average family size, most homes measure 2,479 square feet. You could fit 11.3 tiny houses in one single-family home! Many people began to wonder if that amount of space was really necessary.

But the average tiny home, on the other hand, costs only $23,000 to build. Because of this, most tiny home dwellers have an average of $10,000 in their savings accounts.

Additionally, owners of tiny homes tend to have little to no credit card debt.

Tiny houses are also very versatile in their use. Some families build them as on-property additions for their aging relatives or children returning home to live.

This Tiny House Movement isn’t unique to just America. Tiny homes have been found in Japan, Spain, Britain, Germany, and Russia.

Tiny houses might not become a standard for many years to come — if ever — but they’re definitely raising some interesting questions and inspiring new perspectives.

But what will never change is the old adage, “Home is where the heart is.” Though these houses are small, they’re definitely bursting with heart!
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