There’s A Genius Street Artist Running Loose In The Streets, And Let’s Hope Nobody Catches Him (20+ Pics)

Tom Bob (previously here) refuses to simply live in the world. He’s reshaping it. Creating clever street art on common objects in the urban landscape, he’s perfectly personalizing his boring surroundings.

Whether it’s turning a pipe into an anteater or transforming a fire hydrant into Princess Leia, there’s nothing he can’t do. Usually, Tom Bob operates in NYC, but sometimes he unleashes his creativity elsewhere as well. Those include Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Dubai (the United Arab Emirates), and other places all over the world. Scroll down to check out the newest from Tom Bob and upvote your favorite pieces.

More info: Instagram

#1 Psst!! Wanna Buy Some Time? (California)

#2 Pink Flamingo (Massachusetts)

#3 Don’t Play The Saxophone Let It Play You (Miami)

#4 Kiss (Taiwan)

#5 Splat! (Dubai)

#6 Lunch Time (New York)

#7 Birds Eye View (Dubai)

#8 Ribbit (Taiwan)

#9 Rat-At-Tat-Tat (Taiwan)

#10 “I Don’t Want My Life To Imitate Art, I Want My Life To Be Art” (Long Beach)

#11 Global Warming (Miami)

#12 “You’ll Never Find A Rainbow If You’re Looking Down” (Massachusetts)

#13 Knights Helmet (Dubai)

#14 Yikes (Taiwan)

#15 Crab (Dubai)

#16 Gnome Down (Brooklyn)

#17 What Is Out Of Your Reach (Massachusetts)

#18 Get Fit (Los Angeles)

#19 Gator Sighting (Dubai)

#20 Strike! (Taiwan)

#21 Caterpillar (Taiwan)

#22 Snake On Broadway (New York)

#23 If I Only Had A Heart (Massachusetts)

#24 When You Gotta Go… You Gotta Go… (Long Beach)

#25 One Love (New York)

#26 Jump Rope Girl (Dubai)

#27 Back To School (Massachusetts)

#28 Pin Wheel Girl (Taiwan)

#29 “Are You Not Entertained?” (Los Angeles)

#30 I Love Lamer (Dubai)

#31 “Oh, What Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice To Deceive” (Dubai)

#32 Tis The Season (Miami)

#33 Peek-A-Boo (Dubai)



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