Recycled Car Wheel BBQ / Fire Pit

The proportions to which the recycling movement has come to influence our lifestyle is truly inspiring. We not only have now the opportunity we hadn’t a decade or two ago to reinvent products we commonly use into something completely different, saving in the process a bit of our impact on the environment. Take this BBQ or fire pit for example. The main component is a used car wheel. There’s no danger of rusting because of the stainless steel the car wheel is made of. As you can see from the photos, the actual repurposing isn’t complex. Just a grill and some steel parts to act as legs and supports for your meat. At an approximate cost of under £60, this type of barbeque grill is much more convenient than any other alternative from the stores. Be sure you spend an awesome time grilling some burgers or toasting marshmallow with thinking about the environment and the positive impact recycling can have on it.

A quirky designed BBQ made from a recycled car steel wheel. The grill is made of stainless steel, so no problem with this going rusty. The grill can be removed after cooking and the BBQ can then be used as a fire pit.
These are priced at £60each.
Below is a picture from a recent customer who bought one, enjoying toasting their marshmallows!!



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