Photographer Captures The Hypnotising Beauty Of Owls In 10+ Striking Portraits

Owls Know Everything’ by Sham Jolimie is a series of striking owl portraits that were shot at various locations in Malaysia. The series shows owls in all their charismatic facets. Soft and savage. Fully and fierce. Little and lethal.

The owl portraits demonstrate why owls are always depicted as wise and all-knowing in popular culture. Their deep soulful gaze seems to shine with intelligence.

Owls may be cute but they are wild predators. Owls are not meant to be pets. Some sanctuaries house rescued owls that are not able to return to the wild. Those particular owls are sometimes put on display for educational purposes.

Certain owl conservation programs protect populations of endangered owls. However, this is in no way an endorsement of keeping owls in captivity. In many countries, owning an owl as a pet is illegal.

The author of the series Shamma Esoof is also known to her fans as Sham Jolimie. She’s an artist and photographer from Mauritius island. In her art, she seeks to portray animals with the dignity and respect that they deserve. In parallel to her career as an artist, Shamma works in the humanitarian field and is an animal welfare advocate.

#1 I Come From Your Dreams

#2 Standing In The Rain…

#3 Little But Lethal

#4 Wisdom

#5 For The Love Of Owls

#6 She Persisted

#7 Barn Owl In The Rain

#8 Fluffy But Fierce

#9 Still A Predator

#10 After The Rain

#11 Wet Owl

#12 Five More Minutes

#13 I Belong To The Wild

#14 Just Listen

#15 Take Me To The Wild

#16 Wild At Heart

#17 Heart Shaped Face



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