I Thought It Was An Ordinary Trailer — Then The Walls Dropped…OMG!

Little is awesome. We know this here at LittleThings, because, well, just look at our name!

But what’s even better than little is tiny — especially when it comes to tiny houses and the Tiny House Movement.

Thanks to this architectural crusade of cute (and sustainability and affordability) people have built some pretty impressive structures. We’re talking coastal homes, floating abodes, darling jungle dwellings, and not one — but two — incredible lodgings that look like logs, with functionality that’s downright log-ical!

Our latest gem is an tiny house on-the-go — which is great because who doesn’t want a travel-size home?

This expandable caravan was designed by Eduard Bohtlingk in 1985. Dubbed “The Markies” (or ‘Marquis’ in English), this compactible camper has a spacious bedroom for four, a living area, kitchen, and a patio.

But that’s not nearly all…
When this tiny home is in motion, its exterior makes it appear like a typical camper.
But there’s nothing typical about this unique caravan.
When parked at its destination, the floor space can be tripled due to its tent-like walls.
The tent walls can be made of numerous kinds of materials, including this clear, glass-like option…
…which gives this tiny home a contemporary look.
The expandable room can be used for sleeping and can accommodate up to four beds.
The interior is pretty chic and modern looking as well.
It has a fully functioning kitchen…
…and stainless steel appliances.
The extensions can also be stripped of its tent-like walls and become an outdoor lanai.
Even with the roof and walls, it’s still a pretty swank patio.
The floor plan reveals this home’s versatility.
So, who’s going buy me one? You? Thanks!
Could you live here? I could!

Please SHARE this incredible home with all your friends and family so more people are aware that a home doesn’t need to be a huge space with a high mortgage!



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