I Captured The Ancient Beauty Of Rome In The Rain

Autumn is the time when portals to other worlds are opening. Raindrops fill magical mirrors called rain puddles, they also float on the glass panes showing us a world that is a bit weeping because of the lack of sun. I chose this particular time for my journey to Rome.

I took a train from the airport to the city center and the rainy window of the carriage filled the bed of the aqueduct stretching outside the window with water. The exit from the central station Termini was like a pitch divided into two parts. On the inner part stood people protecting themselves from the rain and on the other external part were vendors of umbrellas whose mass presence marked all days of my stay in the capital of Italy.

I decided to desert this game a bit and went to my hotel trying to sneak between drops of rain without any protection. I must admit that every day the heavenly shower grew stronger and on the last day I topped the purse of the umbrellas seller, choosing a red one, as if I wanted to become a bullfighter in the arena of autumn weather.

Ancient history has always fascinated me a lot and that is why I hoped that my coming to Rome would be a confirmation that everything that books and pictures told me about this great city was true.

Old times, the ages of power of the empire have long since passed and yet people have benefited from the city and its achievements not only building a new glory on ancient ruins but also using their elementary components, even constructions, undressing and plundering the most beautiful buildings made of marbles, bricks, columns and portals.

It was my dream to somehow discover the old Rome and its true inhabitants. I started to explore the city by looking down, bowing my head like a humble worshipper during prayers. Maybe it was also a prayer for the time to somehow bring back old images of Rome and that is why I just started looking at magical mirrors of puddles and wet windows.









  1. Jene Wertz says:

    Love these! Are any for sale?

  2. Michelle says:

    Breathtaking! Love ❤ So very beautiful!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    in Michigan goes across the sky horizontally not vertically.

  4. Andrea says:

    Amazing photos.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love how your click image is form #cosmos on Fox and you didn’t even bother to hide the watermark you used to make it look like the probe took the photos from IN the Jupiter atmosphere.

    • Cleo Cat says:

      yep, thought the same thing. pretty obvious, but still the article did surprisingly have some interesting details.

  6. Mark Bracken says:


  7. Marilyn Kinsella says:

    Learn something new everyday. Never heard of these – fascinating, beautiful, inspiring and downright awesome.

  8. Halina Biernacki says:

    Yes, these are stunning pic’s …. however, due to the development “doctoring” technology … how much of this is real?

  9. Lill ashakara says:

    Amazing, beautiful. Thank you, it made my day.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Miles Hebert for such amazing photos and making my day just a little more enriched. I have not seen these mice before, learn something new every day! Thanks, Miles!

  11. Angie says:

    Hi I have seen a photo of a field mouse sleeping in a purple tulip b,4 on FB. So cute I love these photos of these little miceys. It must be a lovely experience for you to see nature at its finest. And to capture such an event. With your eyes through your camera. Envy. From Angie ☺

  12. scott says:

    Beautiful. Who painted them?

  13. Wanda says:

    Churning storms make it look like the tie dye planet

  14. Anonymous says:

    and were not united with universe hahaha

  15. Anonymous says:

    That’s some beautiful fake bullshit right there.

  16. Lyn Hoffmann says:

    Yhese are NOT fake – we see clouds just like these in Australia – just because some people haven’t aactually seen them, does not mean they are fake, becaue they are NOT!

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