Giant Sea Lion Enters A Fish Market And Asks For Snacks

Just like humans, sea lions apparently are all for efficiency too. A huge South American sea lion spotted some men working in a fish market onshore and decided to pay them a little visit instead of catching his own prey. Sure, why bother when such an opportunity is waiting. But little did he know, it would turn out to be a real sea lion’s paradise!

Seeing all the fish in front of him, the visitor got really excited but kept his cool and patiently waited, hoping the men working with the fish would spoil him with a treat. As soon as one of the men offered him a snack, the great sea lion started waddling around in excitement, hoping there would be more where that came from. As seen in the video, he was not disappointed! Hoping the generosity would continue, he lingered, still waiting for some more fish while the men working in the market tried not to be disturbed by the unexpected visitor and continue with their errands all while being watched by the gigantic creature. Of course, there were some who just couldn’t resist stopping to have a proper look.

A video of a huge sea lion visiting a fish market emerged on the internet

Image credits: Nature Heaven

They sure did get a good glance, as we are convinced the sea lion stayed for lunch way longer than what is seen in the video. Even though some say he looked famished, it is highly likely he was just a local paying a visit, since sea lions are well known for getting in trouble for stealing fishermen’s prey. We are glad this one turned out to be such a well-mannered beast and was definitely not looking for any trouble.

Image credits: Nature Heaven

Check out the full video below

Giving back what we take. A South American Sea Lion waits for his share at the local fish market

Gepostet von Nature Heaven am Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2019

People’s reactions were mostly positive, however some raised concerns over the sea lion’s actions




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