Photographer Captures Stunning Photos of Volcano Erupting Beneath the Milky Way

Diego Rizzo from Guatemala has managed to snap the most incredible image of a volcano erupting as a meteor shoots over the most beautifully lit up Milky Way in the sky. His image is so beautiful that it found its way into NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. Diego Rizzo from Guatemala has managed to snap the most incredible image of a volcano erupting as a meteor shoots over the most bea

Photographer Captures Amazing Light Pillars In Northern Ontario (15 Pics)

A lot of spectacular things happen at night, and luckily there is someone to capture them while we're sleeping tight in our beds. Photographer Timothy Joseph Elzinga was recently woken up by his 2-year-old boy Gibson at 1:30 a.m. when his son spotted beautiful color lights dancing in the sky. Timothy quickly picked up his camera and shot some amazing photos of what he later realized is a phenomeno

NASA’s $1 Billion Jupiter Probe Just Sent Back Stunning New Photos Of Jupiter.

Traveling above Jupiter at more than 130,000 miles per hour, NASA’s $1 billion Juno probe took its ninth set of stunning flyby images on October 24. But the sun slipped between the giant planet and Earth for more than a week, blocking the spacecraft from beaming home its precious bounty of data. Now that the conjunction is over, however, new raw image data from Juno’s ninth perijove — as

NASA Images Show Just How Much Carbon Monoxide Is Coming Off The Burning Amazon

A NASA satellite captured harrowing images of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere due to the wildfires that continue to rage in the Amazon rainforest. NASA collected new data from their Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument, measuring levels of carbon monoxide at an altitude of 18,000 feet (5,500 meters) from August 8 to 22, according to a press release. The AIRS, which is aboard NA

Mission Success Declared as Solar Sail Propels Itself From Earth Using Only Sunbeams

Back in 1976, the late Carl Sagan sat down on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson to talk about a new form of space propulsion called solar sailing. Four decades later, and The Planetary Society has officially demonstrated this "tremendously exciting prospect" in practice. Drawing on ten years of hard work and 7 million dollars in crowdfunding, the nonprofit Society's LightSail 2 has become t

It’s Official: Newly uncovered super-Earth 31 light-years away may be habitable

Just 31 light-years away, one of the closest worlds ever detected could harbour liquid water on its surface. NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS – a super-powerful orbiting telescope that scouts the sky for alien worlds – spotted a new planet circling a nearby star in the Hydra constellation. When astronomers checked the star for confirmation, they discovered two more worl

Incredible Photo Shows The ISS in Front of a Strangely Spotless Sun

The International Space Station (ISS) is the single biggest spacecraft ever built, and one of the most sophisticated machines put in orbit by human kind. Against the fiery backdrop of our Sun, however, the achievement - roughly the size of a football field - looks decidedly puny. A dazzling picture, taken in broad daylight by photographer Rainee Colacurcio, shows just how insignificant the

18 Photos Taken From The International Space Station That Are Literally Out Of This World

For thousands of years, people looked up at the night sky looking at the stars, seeking guidance, dreaming. While centuries passed with humans using the night sky for navigation or to record the passage of time, it was only in the last century that we actually started reaching for those stars, and not metaphorically. The first human in space, the first person on the Moon, the first person to or

NASA Is Chasing A Massive Golden Asteroid That Could Make Us All Billionaires

According to various sources, NASA has their eyes on a huge golden asteroid, and this particular space body could make us all billionaires. Referred to a Psyche 16, this ‘golden egg’ is located between Mars and Jupiter, and is supposedly solid metal. While it contains gold, it also is said to contain other precious metals such as platinum, iron and even nickel. The Sun reports that it’s e

It’s Official: NASA’s Sending a Mission to Titan, a Top Candidate For Alien Life

For its newest planetary science mission, NASA aims to land a flying robot on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan, a top target in the search for alien life. Dragonfly will be the first endeavor of its kind. NASA's car-sized quadcopter, equipped with instruments capable of identifying large organic molecules, is slated to launch in 2026, arrive at its destination in 2034 and then fly to multiple

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