I Spent 6 Months Travelling Around Europe And The USA Exploring Some Of The Most Incredible Abandoned Locations

A huge thank you to everyone I met on my journey and here are a few images from some of the locations I was privileged enough to see and photograph. I hope you like them. #1 Villa, Italy #2 Italian Villa #3 North American Theatre #4 Power Plant In Hungary #5 Gothic Church In The U.S. #6 Bath House, Romania #7 Former Hotel In Abkhazia Region, Georgia #8 Aban

96-year-old woman puts house up for sale – buyers go inside and discover it’s been left untouched for 72 years

1. 13 I love all things vintage. Of all vintage things though, nothing has impressed as much as this gem I recently discovered. It’s not a jacket or a pair of boots, but a house — an entire house to be exact. Its owners kept it intact and meticulously maintained it for more than seven decades. News about the untouched house spread when its 96-year-old owners finally decided to sell

Poor single mom builds own 200-square foot home, a look inside and I want to move in right away

What a difference a year can make. Until recently, Michelle “MJ” Boyle had to pay USD $1,500 a month to rent a small home in Sherwood, Oregon. Because her rent was so expensive and her salary was low, she could never save money. Everything she earned on her job at a coffee shop was needed to cover rent and food. But what could she do? She found no cheaper accommodation and could not m

13-Year-Old Boy Built His Very Own Tiny House & Only Spent $1,500! Wait Till You See What’s Inside

As the trend of minimalism continues to expand and engulf more aspects of society, tiny houses grow in prominence over the average $300,000 houses. Not only are they affordable, but also give the owners an amazing sense of freedom to travel around with ease and no tension. A lot of grown-ups who are in the midst of a house buying process, think of a tiny house as a viable and economical option. So

This Old Lady’s Home Looks Ordinary…But What She Did Inside? UNBELIEVABLE!

1. 13 A 96-year-old Toronto resident is selling her two-story home located in the West Toronto neighborhood of Bloor West Village. From the outside, the house doesn’t look like anything out-of-the-ordinary, and even her neighbors had no idea the surprise she kept inside… Decorated in perfect style circa 1965, the home is intricately and gorgeously decorated in the 1950s and ’60s era

Woman delivers pizza to rusty trailer: Opens the door and makes a shocking discovery

Sometimes, people come into our lives and we don’t understand how much they mean to us until much later. For a man named Lee Haase, Angela Nguyen was one of those people. Angela works at Domino’s and has delivered thousands of pizzas over the years. She has a lot of regular customers and among them is Lee. Like clockwork, Lee ordered pizza every Saturday, and Angela always delivered i

Artist Uses 100,000 Banned Books To Build A Full-Size Parthenon At Historic Nazi Book Burning Site

Argentinian artist Marta Minujín, 74, has created a monumental replica of the Greek Parthenon from 100,000 copies of banned books. According to the artist, it symbolizes the resistance to political repression. The Parthenon of Books in Kassel, Germany is part of the Documenta 14 art festival. With the help of students from Kassel University, Minujín identified over 170 titles that were or are

His Neighbors Were Annoyed He Dug This Massive Hole. But What He Does With It? They’re All Jealous

In terms of DIY home improvement projects, this one takes the cake. It’s a concept that’s catching on fast all across America and many a homeowner would love having one of these in their own backyard. It’s an underground room built right into the Earth so that when completed it’s hardly even visible. You can use the extra space for whatever you’d like and turn it into an underground shel

13-year-old builds his own mini-house in his backyard, look inside and be impressed

Most middle schoolers probably have other things on their minds besides building houses. But Luke Thill, a 13-year-old from Dubuque, Iowa, is unlike any other middle schooler you’ve seen before. This talented and proactive boy has crafted his very own little house — in his parents’ backyard. The project cost him roughly $1,500 USD — and now Luke is living his dream in his little c

A couple live in this shipping container and to be honest it is very amazing!

More and more people are moving into minimalist homes. This kind of house is usually cheap and can sometimes be mobile, so people can hit the road. From the outside this container just looks like other shipping container. But when we see the inside, we are totally in love. Inside, this is a nice cozy house with wooden floors and a high ceiling. / 1 The container has a large

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