I Promise You’re Going To Laugh When You Watch This Video About Owls. I’m Dying. So Funny! Read more at

Now that David Letterman has announced he’s retiring, I have a new suggestion for the next Late Show host: this narrator. His True Facts About Animals videos don’t just tell you all of the interesting things there are to know about each animal, but they’re entertaining as all get out. It’s pretty much impossible to watch this without doing two things: learning something, and laughing

The sea froze so fast that it killed thousands of fish instantly

Sea Frozen so Fast and killed fishes… Its a sad news Fom Norway. The sea froze so fast that it killed thousands of fish instantly. You will read all of this article. The dog owner says that he has never seen such a phenomenon. NRK claims that the herrings were chased by cormorants into the bay when the deadly freezing happened. reports on the instant dead of thousands of fish in a bay

These Maine Coon Kittens Wish You a Happy Friday

Happy Friday, everybody! Only a few more hours stand between you and your weekend but those hours seem to drag. So, to make that time go by faster, here's a video of some Maine Coon kittens all moving their heads in unison:

How could Stephen Spielberg kill a Triceratops? Gullible internet users in uproar over vintage photo of Jurassic Park director posing with ‘prey’

Hollywood movie director Steven Spielberg is the talk of the internet after a photo of him posing with a 'dead' dinosaur went viral. The picture, taken on the set of his 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park, was posted online last Sunday by Facebook meme-maker and wit Jay Branscomb. In an apparent reference to the furor surrounding Kendall Jones, the 19-year-old Texas cheerleader who has gained notor

Watch A Kid At A Dinner Table Accidentally Destroy One Of His Mother’s Lifelong Beliefs

Over the years, parents have developed a lot of ways to get their picky eaters to finish meals. When Luiz Antonio doesn't want to eat his seafood dinner, his reason is a little more interesting than "I don't like it." Skip to 0:50 for a chicken-themed moment of clarity, and go to 2:02 for a heartfelt thought about animal friendship. Subscribe to Upworthy Make sure you turn the captions on for

Mother Elephant Rescues Her Calf – Latest Wildlife Sightings Repeat

Amazing video of a mother elephant rescuing her calf that it stuck in a waterhole. Taken in the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa.

Funny Cats Choir ( Dancing Chorus Line of Kittens )

Funny Cats Choir ( Dancing Chorus Line of Kittens )

Two-Headed Alligator Reportedly Spotted In Florida

Over the weekend, Justin Arnold from Seminole Heights, Florida posted a picture of a two-headed alligator he claims to have seen while walking his dog. Though the picture has been shared thousands of times, some have expressed concern that the picture isn’t exactly what it claims to be. Axial bifurcation is caused when monozygotic twins fail to separate completely. This results in polyceph

Fat cat! Meet Sumo the 14kg flabby tabby – who’s on a special diet to shed half his body weight

When Sumo the cat was brought into the RSPCA last week he became the fattest cat to have waddled through their doors for decades. 'He is the biggest cat I've ever seen and I've been a vet for 45 years,' said Vicki Lomax, RSPCA veterinarian who works at the Wacol RSPCA in Brisbane where Sumo was brought in. Tipping the scales at 14.3kg, the nine-year-old ordinary domestic short hair weighs almost

Blood in the water: Graphic pictures shed light on annual whale kill in the Faroe Islands dating back 400 years

For more than four centuries, the dwellers of the remote Faroe Islands located 200 miles off the coast of Scotland have been killing pilot whales for blubber and meat. Recently, the gory tradition has piqued the interest of an American photographer with ties to the region who travelled to the archipelago to capture the horror and grotesque beauty of the annual whale hunt. Benjamin Rasmussen,

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