This Giant Humpback Whale Was Spotted Breaching Near The Shores Of Sydney

Last Sunday, enthusiastic whale watchers experienced a majestic sight. During the tour organized by Whale Watchers Sydney, people had a jaw-dropping encounter with a humpback whale breaching meters away from their boat. The cold Sydney weather took nothing from the experience, as people stood in awe of the sight. However, the rough weather is necessary to witness whales breaching out of the w

10 Pics Of The Special Bond Between A Zookeeper And Giraffes That I Captured In North Macedonia

Animal and human friendships are always an adorable sight to watch. The trust the animals put in us, and our deep understanding of their feelings and needs are what makes these interspecies bonds so inspiring. And it is even more astonishing when such relationships happen between zoo animals that are not your regular pets and their zookeepers. One such zookeeper RISTE, working in a zoo in Skopj

After Bears Kept Coming To This Man’s Bee Farm To Steal Honey, He Decided To Turn Them Into Honey Tasters

Bears simply love honey and it’s not surprising that they go to extreme lengths to get some of it. In fact, they love it so much that they can’t resist raiding beehives and cause a true headache for many beekeepers. These adorable apex predators are very common guests at many bee farms, yet they are very unwelcome as the damages they cause are sometimes worth thousands. However, many beekeepe

18 Best Bird Photos Of 2019 Have Been Announced, And They’re Amazing

The Bird Photographer of the Year is an annually held bird photography competition where photographers from all over the world compete for the grand prize. And now, after a whole year of waiting, the winners of this year's competition have finally been announced. The winner of this year's Bird Photographer of the Year title and a £5,000 prize is British photographer Caron Steele and her majest

Woman Records A Kind Duck Returning A Boy His Lost Slipper, And The Video Goes Viral

Myla Aguila was taking a walk near her home, minding her own business, when she noticed something that made her stop. A boy’s slipper had fallen down a hill, and a duck was trying its best to bring it back to him. Luckily, Myla had her phone with her and captured the entire experience. Image credits: Myla Aguila Looking at the video, it seems that the boy probably could’ve gotten his

Japanese Photographer Captures A Shy-At-First Baby Meerkat And Its Family In 15 Pics

Japanese photographer mamekoro51 has probably the most pleasant hobby one could imagine – taking photos of baby animals of various types. On a recent visit to Inokashira Natural Cultural Park in Musashino City, Tokyo, the animal lover came across an adorable meerkat family with newborn pups, one of whom was a little shy for the camera. Image credits: mamekoro51 Image credits: mameko

California’s Last Gray Wolf Pack Just Surprised Everyone By Welcoming 3 New Pups

As per officials from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, this April, at least three new wolf pups were born to the Lassen Pack – a group of gray wolves that have been roaming Lassen and Plumas counties in the northeast corner of the Golden State. Eight years ago, a gray wolf wandered into California, which brought the species back to the state for the first time since the 1920s, aft

This Photographer Spent Two Years Documenting Animals That May Soon Be Extinct

For Tim Flach, endangered animals aren’t some far away problem for other people to worry about. The British photographer has taken it upon himself to document and bring awareness to the many animals that are facing extinction around the world. Flach spent two years around the habitats of endangered animals, photographing their everyday lives. The images he’s created are both extremely power

Angry Ducks Interrupt Golf Game By Chasing Alligator Down The Course

Probably a few of us know there’s a marvelous little word ‘monachopsis’ to describe a feeling most of us have from time to time and yes, we’re talking about the subtle sensation of being out of place for what seems like no reason at all. Despite that, we keep wondering if it’s us or the world surrounding us, or anything else but the answer is just absent. That’s exactly how this al

Australia Is The Land Of ‘Nope’, And Here Are 16 Pictures Proving It

Unfortunately for us, Australia isn’t entirely populated just by friendly locals, cool kangaroos, and cute koalas. The Land Down Under sometimes seems like the most dangerous country in the entire planet and should be renamed to the Land of Nope. In large part, the country owes its reputation to its ruthless natural hazards, the savage animals that live there and all the creepy things that want

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