Last Photos Of The Legendary ‘Elephant Queen’ Before Her Death

Elephants are, without a doubt, one of the most majestic creatures walking the Earth. Despite being around 3m (9 feet 107⁄64 inches) tall and African elephants weighing about 6000kg (13,227 pounds) on average, they are gentle giants, known for their empathy and strong family bonds. Unfortunately, there are people in the world that don’t see the gentle nature in the animal when they look

‘Extinct’ Leopard Spotted Alive For the First Time in Over 30 Years

A leopard species, believed to have been completely extinct, has been spotted in southeast Taiwan for the first time in over 30 years, prompting a push to protect the big cat from hunters and habitat damage. The Formosan clouded leopard was officially declared extinct in 2013, after it had not been spotted since 1983 and a 13-year-long study by zoologists failed to find even one leopard. Howe

This Map Shows All Of The Places Eagles Visited In One Year, And People Are Guessing Why They Stayed Clear Of The Sea

Eagles are majestic creatures – not only because of their looks (because that’d be just shallow), but they’re also admired for their intelligence and incredible predatory skills. It’s no surprise that they are symbols of entire nations and countries, appear on national emblems, coins, and works of art. If you’ve ever wondered about this grand animal’s journeys, scroll down below to rea

Buried In Snow, This Man Films A Mountain Rescue Dog Saving Him And It’s Lovely

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went” – is how the famed American actor Will Rogers once described his connection to these tender, selfless animals. And it’s not difficult to relate to that. Yet dogs are not only your best companions and loyal friends, but also, they’re the most vigilant protectors that will do all they can to keep you safe and so

Owner Dumped Wolfdog At Kill Shelter When He Got Too Much To Handle, Luckily This Sanctuary Saved Him

The strength, incredible instincts, sharp intelligence, and social abilities of the wolf is what has made them one of the most respected animals in the world. The stunning animal has been featured in legends, books, movies, paintings and other products of culture for centuries which slowly taught us to appreciate them even more. So it’s understandable that people wanted to take a bit of that wil

Woman Sets Up Bird Feeder Photo Booth to Capture Close-Ups of Feathered Friends

Birds have always been a symbol of freedom. But because of their liberating ability to fly, they seem so unreachable and mysterious to us. Luckily there is a way to meet with nature face to face and explore the beautiful feathered creatures in their natural setting without scaring them away or causing any harm. Lisa, who goes by the name Ostdrossel on her social media, has always been fascinate

Two Workers In Estonia Rescued “Dog” From Frozen Lake, Brought It To Shelter Without Knowing It Was A Wolf

Two kind-hearted construction workers from Estonia, who saved a frozen animal from the river, had the adventure of their lives this Wednesday. Rando Kartsepp, Robin Sillamäe and Erki Väli were all doing dredging work when they noticed what then looked like a dog trapped on the dam, swimming through the icy water of Parnu river. After clearing a path through the ice, they took the animal out of t

Award-Winning Photographer Captures Adorable Scenes In The Wilderness

Julian Rad, a wildlife photographer from Austria, shows the most lovable wildlife shots of squirrels, hamsters, and foxes that you’ve probably ever seen. I recently came across his work on Instagram and I instantly fell in love with his adorable, funny images. Back in 2015, he won the renowned Comedy Wildlife Photography Award with his image of a running hamster, titled "Rush hour". We watch

Do Stoned Dolphins Give ‘Puff Puff Pass’ A Whole New Meaning?

The BBC will be airing a cool new underwater documentary on Thursday called Dolphins: Spy in the Pod, where carefully disguised cameras were used to film the daily lives of everyone’s favorite marine mammals. But the most interesting detail seems to have been leaked on Sunday: during the documentary, some of the dolphins reportedly used a pufferfish to get stoned. “Even the brightest huma

Photographer Sets Up Camera Traps To Photograph The Black Leopard In Africa For The First Time In 100 Years

Never was Will Burrard-Lucas so happy a black cat has crossed his path. His cameras’ path, to be more exact. Will has been a full-time wildlife photographer since 2010 and in 2013 he even founded Camtraptions Ltd to turn his inventions for the craft into products for other professionals. And all of his hard work has perfectly reflected in one of his most recent shoots. In Laikipia, Kenya, o

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