Cabin and House Plans by Estemerwalt

Log homes designed by Estemerwalt are truly remarkable and you will definitely notice one if you pass by it. The level of custom work they implement is inspiring for many architects and house buyers alike. When you are considering building your own residence, especially a log home, you need the assistance of a specialist, because the trip you embark on is not an easy one but a rewarding experience, if only you can survive to the finish. So choosing a company to be this companion requires an informed opinion. The people from Estemerwalt Log Homes can show you through their work what they’re all about. Beautiful examples of craftsmanship, with interesting architectural projects and design elements, make them an easy option from the bunch of companies available out there for contracting. In the following are 8 popular cabin plans designed by Estemerwalt. Enjoy!
1. Allegheny Log Cabin / 3 Bedrooms – 2 Bathrooms – 2,023 Square Feet
2. Bedford Log Cabin / 3 Bedrooms – 3 Bathrooms – 2,508 Square Feet
3. Blair Log Cabin / 3 Bedrooms – 2 Bathrooms – 1,648 Square Feet
4. Cameron Log Cabin / 3 Bedrooms – 2,5 Bathrooms – 2,223 Square Feet



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