Carbs were key in wolves’ evolution into dogs

Most people can probably recognise that our love of bread, potatoes and any other carbohydrate heavy foods will have had an effect on human evolution, but now scientists are beginning to understand how it could have shaped the evolution of dogs as well. It’s well known that dogs are the domesticated close relatives of wolves. It is generally considered that this must have occurred as wolv

Why Do We Yawn? It May Keep Us From Getting Hot-Headed

Why do we yawn? Most animals that can respirate via their mouths can also yawn. We yawn, as well as most other mammals, birds, and fish. Even human fetuses have been observed yawning in the womb. Do animals yawn because they are bored or tired? Not necessarily. It is difficult to explain why other animals yawn; for some species, it may be a way to assert dominance or signal to others, while

How weaver ants get a grip

Ants are cool. You may not think that when they are marching through your kitchen, but before you spray them into oblivion, just remember: ants are cool. Researchers studying an Asian weaver ant came upon two new and exciting abilities. The Asian weaver ant can not only stick to a surface while holding over 100 times its weight, it can also respond to the added weight in one milliseco

How Animal Domestication Works

The modern dog evolved from the gray wolf, essentially changing from a dangerous predator to a loving family pet. Theo Allofs/Photonica Collection/Getty Images and Daly & Newton/Riser Collection/Getty Images How long have we known our best friend? Researchers know that humans began domesticating dogs before agriculture began (~10,000 years ago), but just when and where did the wolf

Pictures: Rare “Cyclops” Shark Found

One-Eyed Anomaly Photograph courtesy Marcela Bejarano-Álvarez Talk about a one-of-a-kind discovery—an extremely rare cyclops shark (pictured) has been confirmed in Mexico, new research shows. The 22-inch-long (56-centimeter-long) fetus has a single, functioning eye at the front of its head—the hallmark of a congenital condition called cyclopia, which occurs in several animal sp

Magnificent Giant Tree: Sequoia in a Snowstorm

Photograph by Michael Nichols Giant sequoias live at high elevations, enduring cold, heavy snows, lightning strikes—and growing bulky and strong, though not so tall as coast redwoods. This individual, the President, is the second most massive tree known on Earth. The giant sequoia is a snow tree, Sillett says, adapted for long winters in the Sierra. But it’s a fire tree too


It's big. It's brown. It's definitely dead. But don't be fooled -- it didn't come from the ground, or outer space. Chances are that this "sea monster," which washed ashore this week in Southeast Asia, are the remains of a whale. According to the Daily Star, that hasn't stopped some people from going "down the alien route and [presuming] it to be a large creature from outer space simil

According To A Nasa Funded Study, We’re Pretty Much Screwed

Photo credit: Staecker. The demise of the Aral sea could be a foretaste of the future if we don't change the way society works Our industrial civilization faces the same threats of collapse that earlier versions such as the Mayans experienced, a study to be published in Ecological Economics has warned. The idea is far from new, but the authors have put new rigor to the study of how so

Wonderful Chill Out Music – The Depth Of Ocean [Hd]

Videographer / Director: Jed Seus Producer: Tom Midlane Editor: Ben Churcher / Joshua Douglas Wonderful Chill Out Music - The Depth Of Ocean [Hd] Music: Synthetic Substance - The Depth Of Ocean (Original Mix) (Long Version) Amazing ocean images from IMAX ''Into the Deep''

Conjoined Twins: Brothers Joined At The Hip Learn To Live In Harmony

Videographer / Director: Jed Seus Producer: Tom Midlane Editor: Ben Churcher / Joshua Douglas CONJOINED twins Shivanath and Shivram Sahu have found a unusual way to get to school - dropping to the floor and running like a SPIDER. The 12-year-olds, who were born joined at the waist, bare two legs and four arms and work in tandem to get around. They have stunned doctors with their abili