The World’s Smallest Cat

He is the smallest cat of world! • His name is Mr. Peebles • He is 2 years old. • He got its 6.1-inch (15.5 cm) high and 19.2-inch (49 cm) long size from a genetic defect that stops growth. • He looks like a kitten • He has certification of world’s smallest cat from The Guinness Book of World Records!

Utah man, 22, killed while attempting to rope swing off arch made famous in viral YouTube videos

Kyle Stocking and five friends planned to spend a few hours on Sunday swinging from Corona Arch in Moab, dubbed 'the world's largest rope swing' in a viral YouTube video. But the group miscalculated the length of the rope, and Stocking hit the ground when he leapt off the massive structure. A young Utah daredevil was trying to swing from a desert arch billed as "the world's largest rope swing"

10 animals that might become extinct in the next 10 years

Chances are you won't see these rare animals at the local zoo because their population is down to the last hundreds. In some cases, it's much worse than that with only a couple left. Some of these animals you've never heard of but others on the verge of extinction are related to animals you know and love—like certain types of tigers, frogs, leopards, turtles, dolphins, etc. In 10 years, they m

What They Found Crying From A Drain Pipe Shocked Them. But Just Keep Watching, Trust Me!

On February 9, the Michigan Humane Society received a call about a one-month-old puppy in need. This is their rescue story. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

19 Year Old Develops Machine To Clean The Oceans Of Plastic

Plastic might be a cheap, versatile and useful material, but it’s also an environmental disaster. We produce around 300 million tons of plastic per year, and since 1950 we have produced around 6 billion metric tons of the stuff. It’s clogging up landfills, becoming trapped in Arctic ice, polluting our oceans and harming wildlife. Recently, we heard the results of a survey of the seafloor off

NASA wants to send a quadcopter drone to Titan

NASA wants to search Saturn's moon Titan for life but they're having trouble coming up with a good way to cover a large territory and obtain samples. Now they think they may have a good solution: A 22-pound quadcopter that will work from a mothership. After reading about it, it's a really cool idea. Larry Matthies—a Senior Research Scientist and the supervisor of the Computer Vision Group

The cruellest festival in the world? China advances its summer solstice DOG-EATING celebrations to avoid protests by animal rights activists

Residents have begun killing and eating dogs early in celebration of the summer solstice in a bid to avoid protests by animal rights campaigners. Some residents of the southern Chinese city of Yulin started gathering last weekend and eating dog meat and lychees to celebrate the longest day of the year, ahead of Saturday's actual solstice, state media reported. The locals wanted to avoid protests

8 Flowers That Look Like Something Else

Flowers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, leading to a wide array of appearances. You’ve likely seen many varieties in your life time, but some of these flowers resemble other figures or animals so much that it’s downright shocking. 1. Monkey Orchid (Dracula Simia) This epiphytic orchid has an arrangement of column petals and a lip that make it look just like a mo

5 Most Mysterious Photos From Mars

In the video below is a collection of what videographer Dark5 considers the most mysterious photos captured on Mars, from what appears to be artificial lights shining up from underground to the Mars monolith with a compilation of images that should be impossible of seemingly humanoid figures to animals and even signs of an ancient civilization with technology far more advanced that we are today

Extreme Rope Swing: Daredevil Celebrates Successful Slackline Crossing With Incredible Rope Swing

A CANADIAN slackliner celebrates a successful crossing without safety equipment - by going for a SWING. Vancouver-based Spencer Seabrooke tried a few practice runs over the North Gully of Stawamus Chief Mountain in Squamish, British Columbia. The 25-year-old then removed his safety harness in order to attempt a "free solo" crossing over 200m drop