This Husky Picked Out Her Own Kitten To Take Home From Shelter

Little Raven, a Tamaskan husky pup, needed a friend to grow up with but her human mom Christina knew that you can’t just pick a best friend for someone. Instead, she took Raven to a shelter in Lubbock, Texas to do it herself! “I had always wanted a dog and a cat to grow up together. It’s been like a life goal,” her owner Christina tells The Dodo. “I wanted them to be able to get along

Spend The Night In a Glass Igloo Looking Up At The Northern Lights

Deep inside the snow-covered woodlands of Finland, you can find the Arctic Fox Igloos located at one of the shores of Lake Ranuanjärvi. If you stay in one of the luxurious igloos, you can experience the amazing Northern Lights right from the comfort of your own bed. The bedroom is covered with glass walls and offers a double bed. The room also has a kitchenette and even a private sauna. All of

Bear, Lion And Tiger Brothers Haven’t Left Each Other’s Side For 15 Years

We’ve seen a lot of unlikely animals friendships here at Bored Panda. Dogs and elephants. Cats and foxes. Even giraffes and ostriches. However, nothing comes close to seeing an American black bear, an African lion and a Bengal tiger living together in harmony. That one really takes some beating. Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger have spent the last 15 years peacefully coex

Beth Moon Photographs The World’s Oldest Trees Illuminated By Starlight

Ancient trees affected by cosmic rays are the subject of The “Diamond Nights” project by San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon. Moon has spent the last 14 years photographing the world’s oldest trees in daylight, but this series captures them at night. Her photos feature primarily baobab and quiver trees in South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. “Our relationship to the wild has alwa

Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $15.6 Million To Save Rare Animals

You might know Leonardo DiCaprio from his starring roles in films such as Titanic or The Great Gatsby, but what you may not know is that for years he has raised money for environmental causes under a foundation that bears his name. For the actor, it’s all about protecting life. According to its website, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was “designed with the idea of protecting the last

15 Majestic Photographs of the Swiss Alps like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

The Swiss Alps are as epic as it gets when it comes to amazing mountainous scenery, and these 15 majestic and striking photographs capture them at their very best. Pictures don't quite do it justice, but this is as good as it actually gets without visiting. It should definitely be on everyones list of places to go. Winter wonderland Verbier, Switzerland Zermatt, Switzerland Lauterbrun

20 Incredible Before & After Street Art Transformations That Are Simply Stunning

Look around you. The world is full of empty canvases. Everywhere you turn are empty walls where beautiful pieces of art could be, but often these spaces are overlooked in favor of boring blank nothingness. But fortunately for us there are artists out there who are determined to transform our world into the vibrant public art gallery that it deserves to be. Take a look at these before and after pic

Top 10 Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland offers captivating Alpine vistas, world-class shopping, incredible gastronomy, charming towns and big city life. For those of you who have been or are planning to a trip to Switzerland for the first time, here is our list for the top 10 places to visit in Switzerland. This is by no means a comprehensive travel guide of what to see and do, but we hope it will inspire you to go! Genev

Swiss Village To Give $70,000 To Families Willing To Move In, And Here’s How Life Looks There

Looking for a change of scenery? If a utopic, picturesque mountainside village in Switzerland sounds like your cup of tea, you’re in luck. The small village of Albinen, in the stunning Canton of Valais, is now offering families handsome sums of money to move to their remote community, and we just have one question – would you? Albinen is a quiet, peaceful town with spectacular alpine views,

15 Then And Now Photos Of Australia Show How Much Damage The Fires Have Already Done

The flames which have been consuming Australia for months, have razed homes and wiped out entire towns. Since the start of the 2019 fire season, a staggering 10 million hectares have been burned across the country. For comparison, the California fires of 2018 claimed about 800,000 hectares. About half a billion animals have suffered from the blaze in the New South Wales state alone, with millio