Grannen såg mannen bygga ett skjul på gården. Men vad han gömde på insidan förbluffar snickare världen över.

1. 14 Det finns många exempel på läckert inredda friggebodar i vårt land, men frågan är om inte detta trädgårdsskjul överträffar det mesta jag sett. Mannen bakom det enastående projektet, Ashley Yeates, har i hela sitt liv varit ett stort fan av filmer. Men han tröttnade på att gå till biosalonger eftersom han nästan aldrig fick den upplevelsen han förväntat sig. De satt folk

This Shop Owner Installed A Glass Ceiling For His Cats And Now They Won’t Stop Staring At Him

If you have a cat, consider yourself under constant surveillance. Cats are not only extremely cautious, but also super curious. Hence, it is natural for them to always be in places where they can observe everything all the time in peace. Like behind a glass ceiling, for example. Yep, we may not have the original ceiling cat any more, but it as a concept lives on in other iterations of ceilings

Old Couple Sells Their House After 76 Years, Revealing THIS Secret They Kept Inside!

1. 10 Last year, an unrenovated home went under construction for the first time in 76 years. When the couple finally moved out, hopeful buyers were excited to take a peek inside — but in turn, they unlocked a love story like no other. In 1938, Tom and Jean Cheetham moved into their first and only home in Sydney, Australia. There, the happy and inseparable couple raised their family until

With 194 BILLION masks and gloves used monthly, new wave of pollution hits oceans and beaches

A new, sad side effect of the pandemic is millions of pieces of discarded personal protective equipment (PPE) that is littering the planet in shocking ways. When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world earlier this year, plunging much of the world into lockdown conditions, it seemed that nature was finally being given a major breather – so much so that breathless stories spread across

96-jarige vrouw zet huis te koop – geïnteresseerden gaan binnen en ontdekken een huis dat 72 jaar lang onaangeroerd gebleven is

1. 12 Ik houd van vintage en retro. Het is wellicht het historische aspect dat oude dingen zo mooi maakt. Of misschien is het gewoon mijn liefde voor design dat tientallen jaren oud. Maar wat vast staat is dat ik gewoon zeer erg houd van oude dingen met een ziel. Ze zitten gewoon vol charme en zijn inspirerend. Van alle vintage dingen die ik ooit heb gezien is niets me zo bijgebleven als w

They Kept Dropping The Price, But This House Wouldn’t Sell. One Look Inside And I Knew Why!

1.  7 Six bedrooms. Three reception rooms. A multi-car driveway with a gated entrance. A conservatory. Gardens. Seriously, what’s not to love about this big, beautiful home? From the outside, it seems impossible that Gillian and David Walsh are still waiting for it to sell. They put it on the market months ago and have even dropped the price by $75, 000! It. Won’t. Sell. Before you

Interview: Capturing the Beautiful Bond Between Mongolian Eagle Keepers and Their Birds

In the far reaches of Mongolia, a small group of nomads keeps the tradition of eagle hunting alive. Also known as falconry, this ancient tradition requires skilled handlers to train birds of prey to assist in hunting wild animals. In ancient times, the practice was restricted to the noble classes, but today berkutchi—as it's called in Mongolia—is a right of passage for young men living in West

Multiple underground water reservoirs discovered on Mars, new study finds

A number of liquid bodies have been found on Mars, raising the tantalizing possibility that liquid water could exist on the Red Planet long believed to be desolate and hostile to life. A number of liquid bodies have been found on Mars, raising the tantalizing possibility that liquid water could exist on the Red Planet long believed to be desolate and hostile to life. A major new study publis

Photographer Follows Storms Across North America to Capture Rare Red Sprites

Created by electrical discharges high above thunderstorm clouds, red sprites are a surreal sight to behold. These red-orange flashes in the sky almost seem like fireworks, but are actually caused by discharges of positive lightning. Though they can be hard to catch, photographer Paul M. Smith has dedicated his career to hunting them down. Known as the “sprite chaser,” Smith travels around N

The Green-Headed Tanager Is A Gorgeous Bird

This bird is small and colorful and it is usually found in humid Atlantic forest and can be common in orchards, parks, and gardens, even near human settlements. And also, it frequents the forest borders and the clearings where it finds some trees and shrubs, and also the second growths. The Green-headed Tanager is visible from lowlands to 900 meters, but they are more often seen at a lower elev