15 Reasons Why Norway Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

From beautiful forests and deep fjords to snow-capped mountains and cold, arctic tundras, Norway has everything for people who love the outdoors. They recently made their money beautiful, so it makes perfect sense that the rest of their country is beautiful as well. Norway is a geographical rarity because its length from north to south gives it one of the greatest varieties of environments in a

12 Before-And-After Photos Of Autumn’s Beautiful Transformations

Without stopping to take a look around, we can sometimes miss the transition of our beautiful nature from summer to autumn. But just in case you’ve been watching the autumn leaves change colors, here’s a list of photos that compare various locations before and after they change into their autumn hues. Besides the nip in the air, the scarves, and the delicious autumn fruits and vegetables, t

Woman Finally Manages To Get Her 17 Pets To Sit Still For A Photo

As much as owners like taking pictures of their pets, it’s clear that animals don’t share the same enthusiasm. Getting one pet, whether it’s a cat or dog, to pose for a picture is sometimes close to impossible, and as a result, many of us have a ton of blurry photos. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like taking a perfect shot of all of your pets if you have like… 17 of them. However, a w

Man captures glowing figure shining through clouds: Many say it looks like Christ the Redeemer

As we go through life, it’s likely we’ll all experience a thing or two that we could put down to a higher power. You don’t even need to firmly believe in the existence of God to consider that some things are simply too coincidental, or perhaps too perfect, to merely be life playing out naturally. This is much the same when it comes to certain signs and indicators that we may see appearing

No one has been able to capture this 3,200-year-old tree in one image before – until now

California’s redwood forests are known for their gigantic trees, but one magnificent tree in particular really stands out. On the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains stands the world’s third largest tree in terms of volume. Locals call it “The President.” “The President” is far from being the world’s tallest tree, but still, it measures 247 feet (75 m) tall. I

Canada Has Officially Banned Dolphin and Whale Captivity

Canada will no longer allow whales, dolphins and porpoises to be bred and held in captivity for the purpose of entertainment. (TMU) — In a big win for animal rights advocates, Canada will no longer allow whales, dolphins and porpoises to be bred and held in captivity for the purpose of entertainment. The Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act, which was passed by Canada’s par

The Indian Giant Squirrel Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

When squirrel expert John Koprowski first saw a Malabar giant squirrel, also known as an Indian giant squirrel, he couldn’t believe his eyes. John was visiting India in 206 and first thought that the animal looked more like a primate than a squirrel due to its massive size. However, this giant animal was no primate – just a very, very large squirrel. They are two times the size of an eastern

Satellite Photos Prove The Arctic Ice Cap Is Drastically Shrinking

Climate change, global warming, El Niño, or whatever else people have heard it called in the last two decades has been a massively divisive discussion. Some believe that the entire thing was simply a hoax made up by China in order to somehow make U.S. manufacturing less competitive. Meanwhile, almost the entire scientific community of the world has shown time and time again that climate change

Han skrur 3 IKEA-hyller sammen og forvandler HELE rommet. Så smart!

Picture 1 of 5 Noen ganger trenger du ikke det dyreste av det dyre når du skal pusse opp hjemme. Av og til handler det bare om å ha litt kreativitet, som denne mannen under! Han har lagd en stor arbeidsbenk med massevis av oppbevaring, som både sparer plass OG er billig! Kunne det bli bedre? Jada! Det er også utrolig enkelt! Følg bare disse 5 enkle stegene, og før du vet ordet av det ha

One Woman Paid Everyone’s Bills At Walmart Claiming She Won A Lottery, Turns Out It Was Sia

The singer-songwriter, Sia, who many of you probably know for her famous hit ‘Chandelier,’ recently impressed her fans with her act of kindness. On November 27, she went out to Walmart and started paying for people’s groceries. The 43-year-old musician likes to keep her identity hidden by wearing eccentric wigs that cover her whole face, that’s why even her fans can’t always immediately