This Photographer Captured A Rare Sight—Frozen Waves At Dream Lake, Colorado

The coronavirus has been occupying both the airwaves and our minds for the past several weeks. So, why not take a break from the stresses of the lockdown and focus our minds, even if for a moment, on things that await us once the quarantine period is over. Eric Gross is a landscape photographer from Colorado, US who’s in search of unseen natural gems in North America and beyond. And so it hap

Dog Finds The Fluffiest Dogs In Daycare So She Can Nap On Them

If you’re brave enough, everything and everyone is a pillow. And Edna is fearless. This doggo has been attending day care since she was just a little pup, and her routine has pretty much remained the same: Edna runs around, playing for the first couple of hours and exhausts herself so much, she needs to get some sleep to recharge her batteries. So, she starts looking around for a cozy spot to

These Dolphins Have Lost Their Minds With Excitement At The Sight Of A Sloth

It might seem that this period of self-isolation and quarantine due to the novel coronavirus brings mostly grim news. And while that might be true for some humans, nature and animals are most likely not complaining as they get to enjoy a little bit more freedom, especially those who are usually confined to their enclosures in the zoo. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago recently took their penguins on an

Fox Sleeping On A Tree Stump Makes The Day Of A Couple Stuck In Quarantine

My friend has this weird skill. He can doze off any time, any place. In a car, on a train, even at the dinner table while my dad is telling an army story. Turns out, this talent isn’t exclusive to people. Recently, Sara Ryan’s parents noticed a fox napping on a tree stump in front of their house. The couple have been social-distancing and don’t have pets, so a sight like this really made

Zookeepers Self-Isolate In A UK Wildlife Park For 3 Months To Take Care Of Animals

Many parts of the world are currently living in lockdown. While most have taken steps to isolate themselves in the comfort of their homes, others decided to do so by traveling out into the provinces to stay in their summer or garden houses. Yet others are making an unorthodox decision to self-isolate in their workplace. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke. And no, I’m not trying to sp

Orangutans Befriend Otters That Often Swim Through Their Enclosure At The Zoo Forming ‘A Very Special Bond’

The friendship between different animal species is always adorable to watch. This time, an unlikely friendship between a family of orangutans and some otters at a Belgian zoo has captured the internet’s attention (and its heart). The orangutans and otters first met when the staff at Pairi Daiza zoo in Brugelette ran the otters’ river through the orangutans’ enclosure. Ever since then, a w

Tired of The Coronavirus? Here Are 10 Good News Stories You Need Right Now

Life during a global pandemic takes on a surreal quality. The ubiquitous presence of social media and a constant fire hose of coronavirus news can make it particularly hard if you're already feeling anxious. So, we've put together a little round-up of recent science news that we find inspiring, encouraging, and worthy of note in these trying times. 1. CRISPR has been used to attempt a c

Iästään huolimatta hän onnistui sukulaisten avustuksella saamaan talon näyttämään siltä, kuin siihen ei olisi koskettukaan 72 vuoteen.

1. 7 Tämä ulkopuolelta täysin tavalliselta näyttävä talo rakennettiin 72 vuotta sitten, mutta kukaan ei varmaan silloin arvannut, että talo nousisi otsikkoihin. Kun talon omistaja, 96-vuotias eläkkeellä oleva ompelija, päätti myydä talon, paljastui tylsän ulkokuoren takaa upea koti. Ulkoa talo näyttää kieltämättä täysin tavalliselta, ja siksi kiinteistövälittäjä hä

A Guy From Brooklyn Sees A Girl Dancing On A Roof, Sends Her A Drone With His Number On It

Almost all of us have been quarantined for the past couple of weeks. For single people, it’s a real date stopper. Well, this guy found a perfect solution for that. Jeremy Cohen noticed a girl dancing on the roof of a building next to his own house in Brooklyn. When she saw him, he waved and she waved back. Jeremy then sent a drone her way and that’s how this romantic story started. Bored P

Supermarket In Denmark Comes Up With A Brilliant Pricing Trick To Stop Hand Sanitizer Hoarding

While the whole Internet is laughing and creating memes about people hoarding toilet paper from supermarkets all over the world, there are a couple of other things particularly hard to buy these days. Masks and respirators and single-use medicinal gloves are among them but let’s not forget an item that’s been significantly more popular than usual as well. Well, yes, of course, it’s hand sani