5 Pictures I Captured When Traveling To Alaska With My Van

My name is Ulderico Granger and I am a travel and nature photographer from the Big Island of Hawaii. I moved to Montana in 2017 to attend Photography School for a year. After completion of my studies, I made the decision to give Van Life a shot and bought a 2000 Dodge Ram Van. For me, it was obvious that the maiden voyage would take me north to Alaska. I had visited twice before but I always left wanting more so the idea of a couple months in the last frontier was all the motivation I needed to take off.

All in all, the journey there and back lasted just over three months, from August to October. In total, I drove about 8000 miles. It was a hell of a trip and I certainly think about doing it all again one day. Thank you to all those friends who offered me a hot shower and a home-cooked meal. Two things that one doesn’t truly appreciate till they’ve spent weeks on the road. I won’t soon forget your generosity.

#1 Autumn In Alaska

#2 Salmon River, Bc

#3 A Lifetime Goal, Achieved. Aurora In Denali National Park

#4 Ice Towers. Knik Glacier, Alaska

#5 Dall Sheep Above Kluane Lake, Bc



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