40+ Amazing DIY Pallet Tables

Pallets are so cool as they are highly functional and can be used for many DIY projects. They can be purchased from any home decor store and all you need to do after that is paint them. You can make a large table using pallets, one for an outdoor area, such as your backyard. You can also make a couches out of pallets and organize it in any shape you like. All you need to do afterwards is add some comfy pillow and you will have a new piece of furniture. Depending on the size and shape of your pallet furniture, you can use 2-3 pieces of larger pallets or more smaller pieces. Usually for outdoor the tendency is to use large pallets and to paint them in natural colors. But if you want something for an inside area, make the pallets look more elegant by painting them with pale colors. You can also make colorful furniture or simply add some colorful pillows and the effect will be stunning. If you are in search of the perfect coffee table, pallets can be an answer as they can be easily customized. Take a look at the images below for more great ideas of how to make furniture using pallets.



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