20 Photos Of People Having A Worse Day Than You (New Pics)

We’ve all had that very worst day combo. 3 hours of sleep combined with a car that won’t start, add piles of work sitting on your desk and a call from tax inspection (add your scenario here) and voila, your day has just turned into a nightmare. Call them first world problems, but whoever has been there knows very well just how much it takes to cool off your boiling blood.

Luckily, there’s one band-aid known to humanity that eases this pain. And it’s knowing that someone out there is going through a wayyy worse day. Like, worse². Both vile and soothing, we present you with Bored Panda’s compilation of the most severe day-breaking fails that are impossible not to laugh at.

For those who are dealing with even more severe worst day situations, please get an extra dose of others’ misfortune on our previous posts here, here, and here. And remember that at its worst, a bad day can only last up to 24 hours.

#1 I’m 49. Just Found This In My Mum’s Bookcase

#2 It Was A Great Day Till This Moment

#3 Heckin Bots

#4 When The Bakers Make The Mix Wrong And Don’t Realize Yeast Doesn’t Just Stop Working Because It’s In A Dumpster

#5 An Honest Mistake

#6 Exsperminate

#7 This Is The Worst Picture Ever Taken Of Me

#8 Tiny Body Or Giant Head?

#9 Priest Accidentally Live-Streamed Mass With Sunglasses And Hat Filter

#10 Bakery Fail

#11 Whipped Myself Into A Frustrated Rage Trying To Find My Drill For Half An Hour

#12 My Brother, On The Ride Home From Picking Up His New Puppy

#13 I Wouldn’t Be Going Home After That

#14 My Daughter – Class Of 2020

#15 My Cat Just Came Back From One Of Her Evening Strolls With Someone Else’s Keys In Her Mouth

#16 They Need An Intervention, Not A Convention

#17 Simple As That

#18 My Dad’s Old Truck Got Hit By A Truck Carrying Old Rotten Potato Slurry To A Feed Lot For Cows. His Passenger Window Was Down

#19 Grandma’s Baking Skills Aren’t What They Used To Be

#20 3 Am Snack

#21 My Friend Works As An Extra In Movies And Does Stock Photography. Just Saw Him Pictured As An Offender On A Bus In Florida

#22 After A Few Weeks, I Returned To My Apartment

#23 Was Confused When It Didn’t Sound Like It Hit The Floor

#24 Someone Forgot To Tighten The Hopper On The Corn Train

#25 When The Sun’s Out And You Don’t Think It Through



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