These Amazing Aqueducts Built By the Nazca Culture in the Peruvian Desert 1,500 Years Ago Are Still in Use Today

The Cantalloc Aqueducts, which were built by the Nazca people during Peruvian history’s pre-Columbian period, continue to serve their original purpose, with local farmers still relying on them to transport water to the parched region. Source A team of academics led by Rosa Lasaponara of the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis recently reviewed satellite pictures to see wh

Scientists Discover Egyptian Secret to Making the Pyramids:

Image of the pyramids via sculpies/Shutterstock. Scientists are plagued by a number of questions regarding ancient times. On of the most perplexing is how the ancient Egyptians moved the huge stones needed to build the pyramids. The stones were often as much as 2.5 tons, and without the assistance of modern technology, moving material of this size and weight is a truly amazing feat. Individua