‘Guild Wars II’ spurs panic in China with ‘monster’ sighting

A few days ago, a Chinese man took an afternoon hike through a forest in the country’s Huairou District. He was strolling with a group of friends when he spotted something unusual. Actually, “unusual” might not be the right word; it was downright scary: It was a frightening creature with humanoid features, long droopy ears, and a skirt made out of tree branches. He had spotted what he th

The cruellest festival in the world? China advances its summer solstice DOG-EATING celebrations to avoid protests by animal rights activists

Residents have begun killing and eating dogs early in celebration of the summer solstice in a bid to avoid protests by animal rights campaigners. Some residents of the southern Chinese city of Yulin started gathering last weekend and eating dog meat and lychees to celebrate the longest day of the year, ahead of Saturday's actual solstice, state media reported. The locals wanted to avoid protests

This Might Be The Scariest Trail In The World. But You’ll NEVER Guess Where It Leads. Unbelievable!

A mountain in china holds some of the most captivating views you can imagine, with a very special location at its peak. The only problem is, you have to look death in the face to get there. Located near the city of Huayin in the Shanzi province of China, is the majestic mountain, Hua Shan. The name literally means “western great mountain” and is one of china’s 5 sacred mountains that have