Photographer Tiptoes Through The Tulips To Shoot Harvest Mice, And The Result Will Make Your Day

Having one of those days? With so much craziness going on out there at the moment, sometimes what we all need is a break, time to switch off from it all and just look at some pretty and happy things. Like these adorable harvest mice for example.

These super cute photos were taken by Miles Herbert, a British photographer who runs Captivelight, holding workshops and photography tuition for people who are interested in capturing “birds of prey, reptiles, frogs and other beasties.”

“It’s always a pleasure watching these endearing little creatures as they go about their business,” he told the Daily Mail. “The mice love to eat the stamens and nectar from the flowers and enjoy climbing in and out of the tulips.”

“Watching and photographing them is absolutely fascinating and only slightly addictive.”

You can’t fail to be enchanted by these tiny little mice, frolicking among the tulips and nestling cozily amongst the petals. While more destructive and less useful than the bees you usually see burrowing their way into the nectar, the mice certainly seem at home in the flowers and their tiny bodies are easily accommodated by the delicate stalks. The photographs are beautifully taken and vividly colorful, and are sure to make you smile!

Scroll down to check out the cuteness overload for yourself, and let us know what you the comments below!


















Image credits: Miles Herbert/Caters News



  1. Susan Turner says:

    What happened to the paved road all the way to the carbonado west side? In 1980 we would drive there and hike. Beautiful Mowich lake! In 2018 when I went to visit, no paved road anymore? My rental couldnt stand up to the road.

  2. Kester Bradwell says:

    Loved the moon shots.

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