We Asked Photographers From All Around The World To Showcase The Beauty Of Nature, And Here Are The Best 30 Entries

Breathtaking shots from international photographers display the incredible beauty of Mother Earth: from tiny insects to majestic landscapes, discover the #Nature2019 finalists below.

These photos from all different the corners of the world have been selected among more than 13,513 submissions in the #Nature2019 photo contest by AGORA images, a free-to-use photography app that has been rewarding the world’s biggest prizes in global photo contests since 2017.

Everyone can now vote for their favorite photo in the app and help the guest judge decide who will be the #Nature2019 Hero who will win the prize of $1,000. Winner will be announced on thursday 5th September 2019.

More info: bit.ly

#1 Majalengka Views
Farm lands in Argapura Majalengka, Indonesia by @aburizchi

#2 Never-Ending Winding Path
Magical path in the Bavarian countryside, Germany @dreher.mj

#3 Fantasy
Green Indonesian landscape by @dikyedarling

#4 Eyes Of Mountains
Thermal springs of Pamukkale, Turkey by @jevgenij

#5 Misty Morning
The mist slowly disappears as the sun rises on Mount Bromo, Indonesia by @tianabdulhanip

#6 Purple Storm
Dramatic storm clouds in Giesen, Germany by @alexfotografiertes

#7 First Light
Majestic Rakaposhi mountain, Pakistan by @fawadmalick

#8 Wild Nature
Lighthouse crushed by heavy waves in Spain by @saavedraphotography

#9 Crocodile
Crocodile hunting for a prey in Malaysia by @fhtkai

#10 Hoopoe Bird Family
Perfect timing of this Hoopoe bird’s lunch delivery, Myanmar by @naingtunwinbagan

#11 Que Bonita Es La Naturaleza
Diving in Menorca, Spain by @danflorit

#12 Lavender Dreams
When nature turns purple, Spain by @msubirats

#13 The Power Of Nature
Waterfall in Siquijor Island, the Philippines by @carlesalonsophotography

#14 Colors Are The Smiles Of Nature
Waterfall in West Java, Indonesia by @imaxstyo

#15 Owl
An owl is picking up its juicy breakfast on a tree branch, Myanmar by @fabiansaw

#16 Rainbow Reine
Double rainbow shining over Norwegian shores by @uglefisk

#17 The Horseshoe Bend Of Europe
Breathtaking aerial scenery from the Vltava River in the Czech Republic by @henrydo

#18 Campos De Girasoles
Sunflower field in Spain by @cosmincalindediu

#19 Let’s Wander Where The Wifi Is Weak
Wonderful mountains of Kosovo by @giza

#20 The Earth’s Biggest Puzzle
Cliffs in Dover, UK by @thedronelad

#21 Flamingos
Flamingo sanctuary in La Guajira, Colombia by @dovscollection

#22 Soledad
The bipolarity of nature, Tembleque, Spain by @juliannieves

#23 Sweet Dreams
Sleepy koala in Queensland, Australia by @fabienportal

#24 Omanawa Falls
Breathtaking Omanawa waterfall in New Zealand by @victordevalles

#25 Rati Gali Lake
Morning shot of the Ratti Gali Lake, an alpine glacial lake in Pakistan @maqsodd4348

#26 Sunrise
The sun is rising on the Kemuning Tea Gardens in Central Java, Indonesia by @gani_prastowo

#27 Magnificent Cikanteh Waterfall
Breathtaking shot of the Cikanteh waterfall, Indonesia by @endang_sulaeman

#28 Sueño Entre Lavanda
A little girl running through the fields of lavender in Guadalajara, Spain by @franseschart

#29 Naturaleza-Inmensa
Self-portrait surrounded by the immensity of forest trees, Spain by @wmr.valdez

#30 Top Of The World
A scorpionfly standing alone on top of a mushroom by @pokokemoto



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