This Photographer Spent Two Years Documenting Animals That May Soon Be Extinct

For Tim Flach, endangered animals aren’t some far away problem for other people to worry about. The British photographer has taken it upon himself to document and bring awareness to the many animals that are facing extinction around the world.

Flach spent two years around the habitats of endangered animals, photographing their everyday lives. The images he’s created are both extremely powerful and heartbreaking.

A recent U.N. report stated that a staggering one million species of animals and plants are now facing extinction, which makes Flach’s work even more important.

1. Saiga

2. Polar Bear

3. Hippopotamus

4. Pied Tamarin

5. Sea Angels

6. Philippine Eagle

7. Iberian Lynx

8. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

9. Shoebill

10. Snow Leopard

11. Yellow Eyed Tree Frog

12. Crowned Sifaka

13. Axolotl

14. Hyacinth Macaw

15. Snow White Tiger



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