She Cuts Her Old Sock In Half. The Results? Simply Amazing!

Wait, hold up! Don’t throw your old, white socks away! Instead, you can “upcycle” them to create this adorable Sock Snowman to cheer you up this cold winter.

The lovely folks at Handimania are here to show you how to do it. You start by simply cutting a sock in half, then tying it at one end and filling it with rice. After shaping it and tying with string, you’re ready to dress your snowman however you’d like! Tiny hats and scarves, galore! The whole process takes only a few minutes — and how adorable is the finished product?! It’s be pretty hard to only make one, considering these guys need buddies and I have like 10 old socks laying around.

This project is cheap, easy to achieve and something any kid (or crafty adult) would love to make.



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