Incredible Timelapse Shows Storm Dumping Tonnes Of Water In Alpine Lake

This was the moment an amateur filmmaker captured the incredible spectacle of a storm dumping tonnes of water into an Alpine lake.

27-year-old Peter Maier, who is from Carinthia in Switzerland and works as a fitter in the energy industry in Basel, filmed the precise moment of the weather anomaly – known as a wet microburst – in a time-lapse video during a stay at the Lake Millsatt in Austria.

Maier described the moment, which he captured from a hotel terrace, as a ‘tsunami from heaven’.

Peter posted the video on his Facebook page, he added:

One can’t plan on capturing such images. It was a lucky shot.

The video soon went viral, racking up over 1.6 million views and 27k shares. However, some people who watched the video were convinced the footage was doctored, prompting Peter to post the original video.

Both videos show a torrent of rain starting from the hills to one side of the lake, and then moving quickly across the water. A keen mountaineer, Maier says he always carries a bunch of cameras in his backpack to capture mother natures’ majestic moments.

Speaking to the Press Association (via Shropshire Star) Peter said the footage was recorded over the course of 30 minutes by using the time. He also set up the camera on a piece of concrete for the timelapse but wasn’t even intentionally attempting to capture such incredible footage of the weather.

When I stopped filming I checked out my work and I was amazed at how crazy it looked on timelapse,

Maier constantly carries five or six cameras with him at any time when he’s mountaineering in order to catch incredible moments just like the one above.

A microburst, caught on camera by Maier, is a small-scale downdraft produced by a thunderstorm or rain shower. You can get wet microbursts or dry microbursts.

Several fatal and well-known air crashes have been attributed to the phenomenon and training to become a pilot now goes to great lengths in order to teach people how to recover from microbursts.



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    in Michigan goes across the sky horizontally not vertically.

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    Amazing photos.

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    I love how your click image is form #cosmos on Fox and you didn’t even bother to hide the watermark you used to make it look like the probe took the photos from IN the Jupiter atmosphere.

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      yep, thought the same thing. pretty obvious, but still the article did surprisingly have some interesting details.

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    Learn something new everyday. Never heard of these – fascinating, beautiful, inspiring and downright awesome.

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    Yes, these are stunning pic’s …. however, due to the development “doctoring” technology … how much of this is real?

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    Hi I have seen a photo of a field mouse sleeping in a purple tulip b,4 on FB. So cute I love these photos of these little miceys. It must be a lovely experience for you to see nature at its finest. And to capture such an event. With your eyes through your camera. Envy. From Angie ☺

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    Churning storms make it look like the tie dye planet

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    and were not united with universe hahaha

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    That’s some beautiful fake bullshit right there.

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    Yhese are NOT fake – we see clouds just like these in Australia – just because some people haven’t aactually seen them, does not mean they are fake, becaue they are NOT!

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