Ikke kast de gamle glassflaskene dine! Her er 13 GENIALE måter å bruke dem på hjemme!

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I dagens «kjøp-og-kast» samfunn kan vi alle ta litt lærdom av besteforeldrene våre som ville bruke ting videre etter de ble ødelagte eller hadde gjort det de egentlig skulle. Vi må bli flinkere til å gi ting nytt liv, og bli litt kreative med det vi kjøper!

Alle vet jo at man kan bruke gamle vinflasker som enkle lysestaker, men her har du noen flere tips til hvordan du kan bruke dine gamle glassflasker rundt om i hjemmet:

For å lage dette trenger du bare å fjerne etiketten på flasken. Dette gjør du med litt varmt vann, såpe og et flatt redskap til å skrape med.



  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Spent many years in Alaska and saw ice dogs, floating ice crystals and it got really cold sometimes. Saw many things involving ice and nature. But never anything that awesome and beautiful. Thanks for sharing AND explaining. Because I honestly thought you were going to say lights from town or something. But turned out to be a much more awesome thing.Thank you.

  2. Patty Arroyo says:

    Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing, and explaining, I live in the tropics, we have different kind of beauty here, but learning about this light pillars awesome !!!

  3. Emeline Donahue says:


  4. Pam says:

    Wow! Thank you for the pictures and the explanation! Beautiful!

  5. Neil S. says:

    I live in Minnesota and have seen light pillars once in my 63 years. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing at the time. I did research the phenomena with success.

  6. Anthony Peratt says:

    Light Pillars are the Plato’s Pillars of Heracles, now misnamed Pillars of Hercules. They are Birkeland Currents (electron currents oriented South-North; Peratt, Springer, Physics of the Plasma Universe). These, not high mountain peaks guided sailors (and surveyors) at and before the time of the ancient Greeks.

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  8. Swagata says:

    At first I was mesmerised by the narration on the Dukha tribe. The fascinating lifestyle and the sacred bond with nature is so great. And then the photography is mind blowing. Beautiful indeed.

  9. Lorilyn says:

    Nice thanks for sharing those

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