I Took Nature Photos At Least Once A Week For A Whole Year To Improve My Photography Skills

I am a photographer from Poland, currently based in Amsterdam. I am mostly interested in landscape and nature photography. At the end of 2017, I was looking for a motivation to take more photos. I decided to challenge myself: take at least one landscape photo a week.

Last week I have taken the last photo of the year and I am happy to complete the project. The goal was accomplished: I was taking photos more frequently, regardless of the weather and location. I have learned to plan my trips better. And most importantly: I have taken a lot of photos I am happy with.

Sometimes it was tough, especially during the winter time. Sun rises when I’m already at work and sets before I leave the office. Sometimes the weather was so bad that I struggled to take at least one photo. But it was worth it!

Below I present a selection of my favourite photos taken as part of the project.

#1 Schagen, The Netherlands

#2 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

#3 The Forest Near Barcice Photographed Late In The Evening

#4 Starry Sky Over The Sudeten Mountains In Poland

#5 Tatry Mountains, Poland

#6 Hvalfjörður, Iceland

#7 Very Cold And Cloudy Sunrise In Haarlem

#8 Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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