I Photographed Women In 60 Countries To Change The Way We See Beauty. Beautiful.

My name is Mihaela Noroc, I’m a Romanian photographer who’s been travelling the world for the past 4 years with my backpack and my camera, photographing everyday women and collecting their stories. My project is called The Atlas of Beauty.

My goal is to show that every woman shines like a star because beauty is diversity, and not just what we see in mass-media.

For me, the real beauty has no age, colours or trends. You can find it in Africa or in Europe, in a village or in a skyscraper, in a smile, in a gesture, in an intense gaze, in some wrinkles, or in a story. You can find it in every kind-hearted human being.

Now The Atlas of Beauty becomes a stunning book with more that 500 portraits and many interesting stories. In a time of hate and intolerance, I want to send a message about love and acceptance. I hope this book will get into many homes around the world, convincing more people that diversity is a treasure and not a trigger for conflicts and hate. We are very different but at the same time we are all part of the same family.

#1 Kathmandu, Nepal

#2 Ethiopia

#3 Baku, Azerbaijan

#4 Tehran, Iran

#5 Amazon Rainforest

#6 Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

#7 Chichicastenango, Guatemala

#8 Kathmandu, Nepal

#9 Pokhara, Nepal

#10 Idomeni Refugee Camp, Greece

#11 Nampan, Myanmar

#12 Bucharest, Romania

#13 Reykjavik, Iceland

#14 Korolyov, Russia

#15 Omo Valley, Ethiopia

#16 Lisbon, Portugal

#17 Berlin, Germany

#18 Pushkar, India

#19 Havana, Cuba

#20 Zürich, Switzerland

#21 Belgian With Polish Origins

#22 Tibetan Plateau

#22 Tibetan Plateau

#24 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

#25 Syria

#26 Chichicastenango, Guatemala

#27 Paris, France

#28 Milan, Italy

#29 Tbilisi, Georgia

#30 Istanbul, Turkey

#31 Berlin, Germany

#32 Idomeni, Greece

#33 Jodhpur, India



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