How to Build A Western Saloon Kid’s Fort

Your kids are in constant need of new and exciting toys that can keep them occupied and entertained. If you wish to surprise them with something really cool and out of the box idea, you should definitely build them their very own fort. This way, your kid’s will have their very own place, where they can have lots of fun and feel like they belong to a fairytale. The fort from the pictures was created out of recycled pine and cedar wood. By using recycled materials, you can reduce the costs of the fort. Make sure to build it large enough so your kids can continue playing inside until they are bigger. A great idea would be to ask your kids to help in the process too, so you can make fun memories and spend some quality time together. Don’t forget to create a porch too, where you can place a small bench and spend time in the evening watching the start or playing board games. You will find a great tutorial below on how to build the fort, so you can start as soon as you’ll have some free time.

1. Powered Miter Saw
2. Router, table and round-over bit
3. Circular or table saw
4. Cordless drill and bits
5. Electric jigsaw
6. Measuring tape, chalkline, hammer, level, square, and other basic construction tools.
7. Wood burner



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