He Cracks An Egg Into Leftover Stuffing. The End Result Looks So DELICIOUS!

On the Cooking With Jack Show, host Jack Scalfani literally saw this recipe and ran down the stairs to make it. What I love about this leftover stuffing breakfast recipe is that the host himself is totally unsure of it!

He’s never tried the recipe before but it looked so irresistible that he had to film it immediately and see if it would work out. Of course, it does work out, and the results look so delicious.

I love an interesting new take on breakfast. Bacon and eggs are my favorite, but a bacon and egg pizza adds a new element and breakfast balls are a totally new take on the classic meal!

Maybe it’s just me, but I am a total stuffing person. Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday because I get to spend time with my family doing my favorite thing: eating a whole bunch of food.

Unlike most people (I’m guessing), I eat stuffing all year-round, and it’s impossible for me to not overreach and make too much. I always assume I am going to eat pounds of the stuff, but it’s quite filling (which is probably why they call it stuffing!).

This recipe transforms your leftover stuffing — I love it when nothing goes to waste — into a quick breakfast. There is so much to love about this dish!

All you’ll need is a muffin tin and the following ingredients:

Leftover Stuffing
Cheese (your choosing)
Cooking spray
Watch the video below to see how this quick and simple recipe is made!



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