Goose Shelters Puppy From The Cold

The animal kingdom is truly an incredible one. While we assume that animals are of lesser intelligence and are only focused on their own kind’s survival, this simply isn’t true.
We often hear stories about interspecies friendships. A dog who befriends a cat. Or even a dog and a cow who’ve become friends.

They usually tell the story of one of the animals who went out of their way to comfort another, even though the two animals might have very little in common. This is one of those stories.

It’s the story of a goose who sheltered a puppy from the cold during some dangerously low temperatures.
According to Snopes, the original story of this unlikely couple went something like this: a polar vortex hit North America in January 2019 and a passerby spotted a goose or duck cradling a cold puppy.

“The man finds a goose that was shaking with cold stuck to a pole in Montana,” a translated archived Facebook post by Suzanne PadaPetra from January 30, 2019 shows according to Snopes. “The goose was sheltering with her wings a puppy that was about to die frozen. We have so much to learn as a species.”

And that is absolutely true. While there are plenty of humans that love and respect one another and even go out of their way to help those in need that are different than them. But there is still far too much hatred and intolerance in this world.
This goose’s motherly instincts immediately kicked in when she saw the puppy. Not wanting the little baby to suffer, She covered the baby with her plumage to shelter it from the bitter cold. She hoped that her efforts would keep the baby alive.

What a truly beautiful thing to witness. The origins and the information surrounding the actual story about these photos isn’t completely clear. Still, they are heartwarming nonetheless.

Snopes says that the photos have been circulating on Chinese social media since 2017 and that they are believed to have been taken somewhere in that country.
Even Snopes admits that this doesn’t mean that dogs and birds can’t be friends.

“Although the back story behind these particular photographs may be unclear, it isn’t unprecedented for birds and dogs to strike up friendships. A pelican in Turkey named Osman became a bit of a local celebrity after befriending a dog,” the website states.

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