Finalists Of The 15th Smithsonian Photo Competition 2017 Have Been Announced, And They’re Stunning

It’s that time of the year again, when The Smithsonian Magazine announces the finalists of their hotly contested photo contest. Year after year, the contest continues to blow us away with the quality of entrants, with only the cream of the crop qualifying as the 60 finalists, narrowed down from over 48,000 submissions.

The submissions are split into 6 different categories, Travel, Altered Images, Mobile, Natural World, People, and The American Experience. We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of the finalists, which you can check out below and choose your favorites. There is still time to vote for your choice to win the Reader’s Choice prize, you have until March 26th and can do it here.

So scroll down and prepare to be dazzled by these varied and masterful shots, and contribute by voting for your favorites in each category, it will be a tough task to choose just one!

#1 Affection, Natural World Finalist

#2 Joy, Natural World Finalist

#3 Making Incense, Travel Finalist

#4 Soul Of The Winter Woods, Altered Images Finalist

#5 Sardines In The Sun, Natural World Finalist

#6 Bear And Salmon, Natural World Finalist

#7 Ray Of Zeus, Natural World Finalist

#8 Red Chili Pepper Pickers, Travel Finalist

#9 The Window, Natural World Finalist

#10 Boatman, Travel Finalist

#11 Pinnacle Of Existence, Natural World Finalist

#12 Rhino From Chitwan, Altered Images Finalist

#13 Yaks Beside Pangong Lake, Travel Finalist

#14 Rain, People Finalist

#15 Stepping Out Of The Shadows, Mobile Finalist

#16 Beat The Heat, Mobile Finalist

#17 Breakfast At The Weekly Market, Travel Finalist

#18 My Post-Irma Street, The American Experience Finalist

#19 Leather Drying In Dhaka, Travel Finalist

#20 Roman Goods, Travel Finalist

#21 Shadow Highlight, Mobile Finalist

#22 Untitled, The American Experience Finalist

#23 Summit Eclipse, The American Experience Finalist

#24 In The Desert, Travel Finalist



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