One Woman Paid Everyone’s Bills At Walmart Claiming She Won A Lottery, Turns Out It Was Sia

The singer-songwriter, Sia, who many of you probably know for her famous hit ‘Chandelier,’ recently impressed her fans with her act of kindness. On November 27, she went out to Walmart and started paying for people’s groceries. The 43-year-old musician likes to keep her identity hidden by wearing eccentric wigs that cover her whole face, that’s why even her fans can’t always immediately

A Kind Priest Brings Stray Dogs To Mass So They Can Find New Families

Homeless dogs in Brazil regularly attend church services to meet their new owners. If you think that dogs magically turn to God for help, unfortunately, it’s not exactly the case, but this extraordinary scenario can still be encountered every Sunday at Paróquia de Sant’Ana Gravatá. Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes who is the head of the parish of Santana in the city of Gravatá in Brazil d

I Hide Giants That I Make From Wood In The Wilderness Of The Belgian Forest

My name is Thomas Dambo. I build giant wooden trolls around the world and hide them in wilderness and forests. By doing this, I hope to lure people away from concrete cities and computer screens, into the wild and reconnect them with the natural world. I build all my enormous sculptures of recycled materials to show the potential in this precious material, which is often discarded and becomes a th

The Eshima Ohashi Bridge In Japan Looks Absolutely Terrifying

We've seen truly terrifying bridges before, but nothing quite as scary-looking as the Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan. The bridge, which connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato, appears to go straight into the sky and suddenly drop off. Built high so that fishing boats can pass underneath, the structure fortunately isn't quite as steep as it looks. Nearly a mile long, the bridge has a gr

Struggling artist turns thousands of discarded tires into gorgeous beds for stray animals

Amarildo Silva is repurposing old, used car tires into classy animal beds for the thousands of strays running through the streets of his hometown. Silva lives in the city of Campina Grande, Brazil, where stray animals outnumber homeless people by over 500%! The compassionate young artist, who is only 23-years-old, has decided that it’s in his power to make a positive change for not just th

Guy Quits Job and Sells Everything He Owns Just to Travel With His Cat

Everyone in this world hopes to be successful one day. Hence we try to make the best out of our careers. Sometimes, however, the motivation to achieve success takes a toll on us and we’re already spending a ridiculous amount of hours working too hard. Rich East is different. He decided to quit his job and sell everything he had just to travel. And the best part here? He’s accompanied by the

Billionaire Intends To Buy 15% Of The Planet To Protect It.

Last month, when over a billion dollars was donated for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral, many people were asking why such large sums of money aren’t available for more pressing issues like homelessness or the environment. It is certainly rare for such a large contribution to go towards something that actually helps the planet, but it does happen every now and then. Back in October

This Flower’s Petals Look Like Hummingbirds

The Internet is full of wonders, from memes to stunning photographs, an endless ocean of tweets to political manifestos. People are free to share pretty much anything, and while some use it to share things that they should probably keep to themselves, others sometimes drop a thing or two that absolutely mesmerizes the online public. One Reddit user by the name of OctopusPrime recently shared a

These Ancient Mysterious Trees are Older than the Pyramids and Hold a Secret

The yew, that dark, twisted, enigmatic tree of legend, looms over churchyards across Europe. Yew trees are a common sight, especially in the United Kingdom, yet few people realize just how old many of these great beings really are. Thought to be the oldest tree in Europe, the yew that stands in the churchyard of St. Cynog’s in Powys, Wales, may be over 5,000 years old. According to the Woodla

27 Of The Most Interesting Things People Found In The Woods

There is something mysterious and whimsical about the forest. The dense trees cluster to hide a whole separate world of odd and interesting discoveries you won't find anywhere else. Bored Panda has rounded up photos of the stranges, coolest and curious finds people have documented from their walks in the forest. From forgotten objects transformed into moss-covered relics to visual wonders creat

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