40 Best Photos From The Sony World Photography Awards 2019

From film, to music to photography diverse art and artists have the ability to breath new life into every medium – this is evident when viewing the entries for the Sony World Photography Awards,”the most celebrated and diverse photography competitions in the world.”

Currently, in its 12th year, the goal of the competition is to showcase the best contemporary photography around the world.

#1 Creative: ‘A Walk On The Bike’ By Alexandr Vlassyuk, Russia

#2 Travel: ‘Forest Of Resonating Lamps’ By Yukihito Ono, Japan

#3 Creative: ‘A Dog And Its Best Friend’ By Arvids Baranovs, Latvia

#4 Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Huddle’ By Nadia Aly, United States

#5 Architecture: ‘The Mirrored Entrance Of Tokyu Plaza’ By Connor Henderson, Australia

#6 Landscape: ‘Solitude’ By Swapnil Deshpande, India

#7 Culture Category Winner: ‘Shadow Puppetry’ By Pan Jianhua, China Mainland

#8 Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Untitled’ By Greg Lecoeur, France

#9 Culture: ‘Synergy Of Humanity’ By Eng Chung Tong, Malaysia

#10 Culture: ‘Drawing The Happiness ‘ By Ming Kai Chan, Hong Kong Sar

#11 Travel: ‘Flower On The Sea’ By Trung Pham Huy, Vietnam

#12 Culture: ‘Greek Traditional Life’ By Georgios Papapostolou, Greece

#13 Travel: ‘Whale Shark Encounter, Papua West, 2018’ By Marco Zaffignani, Italy

#14 Travel: ‘Fantastic Morning In Cappadocia’ By Poramin Kanyakool, Thailand

#15 Architecture: ‘Aquatic Rider’ By Daniel Portch, United Kingdom

#16 Landscape: ‘Frozen Pond’ By Svein Nordrum, Norwegian

#17 Culture: ‘A Red River Of Faith’ By Lifeng Chen, China Mainland

#18 Landscape Category Winner: ‘Stumps, Alder Lake, Nisqually River, Washington’ By Hal Gage, United States

#19 Landscape: ‘Illusion’ By Gérard Bret, France

#20 Landscape: ‘The Sarzhematy River’ By Oleg Kugaev, Russia

#21 Landscape: ‘Under The Moon’ By Kuo Zei Yang, Taiwan

#22 Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Dusk Of The Jellyfish’ By Angel Fitor, Spain

#23 Travel: ‘Untitled’ By Lauren Hook, Australia

#24 Travel: ‘Milky Way Campfire’ By Johannes Laufs, Germany

#25 Culture: ‘End Of Nowruz Celebration In Iran (Kurdistan)’ By Hasan Torabi, Iran

#26 Natural World & Wildlife Category Winner: ‘Underwater Gannets’ By Tracey Lund, United Kingdom

#27 Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Owl’ By Jeroen Beekelaar, Netherlands

#28 Natural World & Wildlife: ‘The Assault’ By David Salvatori, Italy

#29 Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Arabian Red Fox’ By Msaaed Al Gharibah, Kuwait

#30 Travel Category Winner: ‘Woman Wearing A Wedding Dress’ By Nicolas Boyer, France

#31 Travel: ‘Break Time’ By Jiho Park, South Korea

#32 Culture: ‘The Harvest’ By Dikpal Thapa, Nepal

#33 Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Circle Of Power’ By Sandi Little, Canadian

#34 Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Ethiopian Wolf’ By Roberto Marchegiani, Italy

#35 Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Intense’ By Yung-Sen Wu, Taiwan

#36 Culture: ‘Winner Of Naadam’ By Tomek Kozlowski, Poland

#37 Motion: ‘Walking On Water’ By Michele Allan, United Kingdom

#38 Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Nocturnal Hunter’ By Guillermo Ossa, Colombia

#39 Travel: ‘Midnight In Lofoten – Svolvær, Norway’ By Siddharth Sachar, India

#40 Travel: ‘Picnic At Kaluts Desert’ By Laily Hassan, Malaysia



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