27 Of The Most Interesting Things People Found In The Woods

There is something mysterious and whimsical about the forest. The dense trees cluster to hide a whole separate world of odd and interesting discoveries you won’t find anywhere else. Bored Panda has rounded up photos of the stranges, coolest and curious finds people have documented from their walks in the forest.

From forgotten objects transformed into moss-covered relics to visual wonders created by mother nature herself to logs and trees accessorized by dedicated visitors (or fairies). Scroll down to check out these delightful photographs that might inspire you to go wandering off the beaten path and explore the woods. And don’t forget to upvote your favs!

#1 Me And My Girlfriend Were Walking In The Woods The Other Week And Saw A Rainbow Pool For The First Time
One of the reasons your lungs feel refreshed when walking through a pine forest is because of an anti-inflammatory compound called a-Pinene, found in conifers. It is used as a bronchodilator in the treatment of asthma and abundantly present in marijuana.

#2 I Found This In My Local Woods
This is a memorial for loyal companions that crossed the Rainbow Bridge. So many good boys and girls. So much unconditional love.

#3 Found This In The Woods While Trail Riding
There is a 2400 year old giant “honey mushroom” in Oregon, covering 2200 acres, slowly killing off the trees in the forest. It is the largest living organism on the planet.

#4 This Tree I Found Hiking Looks Like A Forest Monster Watching Over You

#5 Standing In A Huge Pond That Sinks Every Dry Season
In the Battle of Hurtgen Forest during WW2, the forest was so dense and dark and hard to navigate that the German and Allied medics shared an aid station in the only building either could easily find.

#6 I Was Out For A Walk In The Woods Today And Almost Stepped On This Beauty

#7 I Went For A Walk In The Forest And Came Upon This Ponderosa Pine Tree That Had Been Struck By Lightning
The Redwood Forest in northern California is famous for its towering redwood trees which can grow more than 350 feet tall. This is the height on an average skyscraper. Some redwood trees are so big that miniature forests grow on their upper branches.

#8 I Was Driving Through The Back Roads Of Pennsylvania On The Way To A Camping Spot And Found A Mountain Of Ceramic Dishes And Tea Cups In The Middle Of The Woods

#9 Abandoned Russian House Found In The Woods
A man called Jadav Payeng single-handedly planted a forest bigger than Central Park to save Majuli Island in Northern India from erosion. The forest is now home to large amounts of stray wildlife.

#10 Found This In The Woods Today

#11 Buddy Of Mine Came Across This Dinosaur In The Woods The Other Day

#12 Found Old Dog Tags In A Metal Pile In Our Woods. Reunited Them With His Wife, Who Lost Her Husband Of 60 Years In 2010

#13 Stairs To Nowhere In New Hampshire

#14 This Stick I Found Looks Like A Burning Torch, Flame Included!

#15 This Moss Covered Boot Found In The Woods

#16 Found This Mushroom While Hiking In The Woods, There’s Gotta Be A Rabbit Hole Nearby

#17 Found This Sword In Epping Forest, England

#18 Found This Purple Lil Guy Hiking In PA

#19 What My Parents Found On Their Hike

#20 Hiking Through The Woods On A Hot Day, Came Across This Oasis

#21 My Brother Found This (Missile?) In The Woods In Tennessee

#22 Sign I Found In The Woods That Depicts A Man Jumping Over Some Scary Looking Hands

#23 *shhh* It’s A Flock Of Wild Toilets Roosting

#24 Found 43 Bucks In A Pair Of Jeans In The Woods

#25 I Found An Apparent Iron-Nickel Meteorite In The Woods

#26 Found This Phone Booth In The Middle Of The Woods

#27 So I Was Walking In A Forrest Near My City And Found This



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