25 Years Ago He Isolated Himself From Society. The Inside Of His Cave Will Blow Your Mind!

In New Mexico, in its northern most high desert, there exists a cave that has been home to a man who has poured himself into solitary life. He’s had only the companionship of his dog while he set to work building his cave.

When asked if he is obsessed with digging the cave, he replies: “Is a child obsessed with play?” He says if you love what you do, you’re always driven to do it.

His magical cave is intimate and yet overwhelming. Ra, the cave digger, doesn’t see himself as any kind of an artist, just a man expressing his passion in a way that inspires awe.



  1. Robert says:

    Who ever wrote this, had no real idea of this time period. Guessing about things when dealing with people who lived during the time period in question, makes the writer look stupid. Rather than make up what you thing, go to someone who experienced what you want to write about and get facts straight. As an example the big yellow thing in the article is not a camper. It’s a House Trailer! And millions of people lived in these year round. True many of them could be pulled by an automobile, but that is because automobiles were much bigger back then. My family lived in several different ones for about 15 years and we got along just fine.