10+ Times Nature Made Us Say “NOPE” (WARNING: This List Might Be Too Scary For You)

Not everything in nature is as beautiful or as hilarious as we’re mostly used to. It has a dark side, too, and I’ll completely understand if this list by Bored Panda forces you to build a pillow-fort in your living room and avoid going outside for a week.

From a mama centipede protecting its babies to a wasp colony building a nest around a discarded doll, these pictures feature some of the scariest things Mother Earth has to offer. Scroll down to test how brave you are, and vote for your favorite entries.

#1 This Lava Pit Looks Like It’s Sucking The Souls Of The Damned Into Hell

#2 Hermit Crab Using A Discarded Doll Head For A Shell

#3 Wasps Build Nest Around A Discarded Child’s Doll

#4 An Abandoned Hornet’s Nest My Dad Found In His Shed That He Hadn’t Been In For A Couple Years. The Head Is Apart Of A Wooden Statue It Fused With

#5 Somebody Responsible For The Lake Found The Fox (Which Drowned) In The Ice, Cut Him Out And Put Him Back On The Ice To Keep People Off The Ice

#6 Cymothoa Exigua Is A Type Of Parasite That Enters Fish’s Gills, Eats Their Tongue, And Then Replaces It

#7 Husks Of Dead Flowers In My Garden. Look Like Skulls/Plague Masks

#8 Devil’s Fingers Fungus

#9 Smiiiittttttthhhhhers

#10 Snake Head Caterpillar

#11 A Centipede That Was Devoured By A Viper, Ate Its Way Out

#12 This Tree In Nebraska Was Struck By Lightning And Burning Afterwards A Day Later

#13 Lizard Growing Another Foot On It’s Tail?

#14 A Beehive Built Around Wind Chimes At My Friend’s House

#15 The Sheepshead Fish Has Human-Like Teeth

#16 Wingless Fly Penicillidia That Attaches To Bats’ Heads And Never Leaves Its Body

#17 A Landslide In Taiwan

#18 The Battle

#19 My Mussel Contained A Tiny Half-Eaten Crab

#20 My Cousin Caught A Lobster With Double Pinchers. Both Claws Work

#21 Spiked Skeleton

#22 Arachnids Aren’t Safe From Cordyceps Fungus Either

#23 Battle-Scarred Hippo

#24 Brave Patriot Bald Eagle Takes Down Wimpy Canadian Goose

#25 Gecko Eats His Own Tail

#42 Fatal Blow



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