They Thought A Whale Was Waving At Them. The Truth? Way More Intense!!

Kohola, or “humpback whales,” are one of the largest types of whales, usually measuring between 40–52 feet and weighing nearly 45 tons. These animals are popular with whale watchers because of their tendency to “breach,” in which they propel nearly 40 percent of their body out of the water. These are the whales who are also known for their haunting “whale songs” that can be heard from up to 12 miles away.

Humpback whales love to seek the warm waters of Hawaii during the winter months. They travel from the Gulf of Alaska to the Hawaiian islands yearly around December to breed, give birth, and nurse their young.

Though endangered, many laws — including the Endangered Species Act — protect these beautiful creatures from hunting and further harm.

Whale-watching tours usually include historical and scientific information about the enormous animals and encourage preservation of the species.

Recently, one such tour found a beautiful humpback and her young calf when they stopped to listen to “whale songs.” They were all amazed when the whale seemed to be waving at them, but then she got closer… And closer… And closer…



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