She Rolls Dough Into Rainbow Logs. Now Watch Her Pull Them Out Of The Oven…

Someone grab me a napkin — I’m already drooling at the sight of these delicious treats!

If you haven’t already noticed, we have a real sweet tooth here at LittleThings, and one of our all-time favorite YouTube chefs, YoYoMax12, does the very best job to help satisfy our sugar cravings.

As you can see from this Layered Peeps Rice Krispies Treats recipe, she doesn’t call her page “The Diet-Free Zone” for no reason! When it comes to treats like these Rainbow Meringue Cookies, she’s the very best, which is exactly why we’re so excited to share the following video.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to make Rainbow Jell-O Sugar Cookies that are so gorgeous, they’ll impress everyone you know…and so delicious, you’ll leave them begging for more!

Here’s the breakdown of your new favorite cookie recipe:


1.5 cups butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp baking powder
3.5 cups all-purpose flour
6 different Jell-O flavors/colors
Food coloring (optional)

Combine butter and sugar in a mixing bowl and blend until it’s light and fluffy.
While the mixer is running, add egg and vanilla extract and blend together.
Add baking powder, then slowly add flour until the dough is fairly stiff.
Divide dough into 6 equal portions and place in separate bowls.
Add 2 tsp Jell-O powder to the dough (one color per bowl).
Mix by hand and add drops of food coloring to increase tint as desired.
Roll each dough-ball into equal sized logs, about 12 inches long.
Paint logs with milk and stick them together with one color in the middle and five circling.
Wrap tightly in saran wrap and chill to 5–6 hours or overnight.
Slice the dough log into 0.5″ slices and place on greased cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes or until the edges are slightly browned.



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